Thursday, October 25, 2012

e math: level completed


Spent practically the whole night on chem & whatsapp la I really need to start concentrating from tomorrow on, super crazy week coming up to kill us all. Anyway, today (I might not have time to post anymore next week so) was E Math Paper 2! :-) as usual, had math tuition in the morning, finished yet another practice paper, and then set off for school!

Met grace in school, did a bit of E Math before going down for lunch! Mother actually got father to bring breakfast for me when he picked me up this morning, but I already had breakfast, so that became my lunch + soup. Hee. Spontaneously decided to go and crash the May Oh challenge shield after telling grace about my hobby of reading movie plots (especially horror movie plots) on wiki HAHAHAHA. What a shit hobby but ok. HAHAHA.

Went up to the gallery and watched what remained of the debate with Abi! :-) and then headed back down to do more e math, got to talk to Nik bb, Kris & Mrs Choo before finally going up for our paper!!!!!

Okay the paper was rly easy like Chie gave us links to leaked answers and I got 175/180 (176, if there is such a thing as error carry forward for math) (assuming I remembered my answers correctly for paper 1, so I got full marks and assuming the answers are reliable and accurate) so I was really quite contented. It's got to be an A1 right?!? Anw found out about this at 11 whatsapping the crazy idiots (6-2ians whooooooo) on our whatsapp group shit couldn't stop laughing the whole night HAHAHAH. Feeling much better because I felt so shit after the paper because I lost 3/4 careless marks and I was like OMG MEH. But anyway Praise The Lord!!!!!!!! Every victory belongs to Him, gotta remember that :-)

LET THE CRAZY MUGGING BEGIN but also I'm gg for the MG funfair tomorrow WHEEEEEEEE k goodnight