Tuesday, October 16, 2012

some days (5)

So today! It was really a pretty good day, productive and enjoyable :-)

Met Ayn in the morning in the canteen, so she could pass me her letter OMG AWWW so sweet ok :') and then Qi and Kris came along too! Omg I was so so happy to see my juniors, I really love the Sec 3s okay, and then Kris showed me Carly Rose Soneclare's X Factor clip. She's amaaazzzzing. Like Drew from last season but possibly amazinger. Anyway, so much fun just talking to the three of them. The whole school was back today so I felt sane again. :-)

Camped outside the staffroom, finished my Chrysalids notes AT LONG LAST!!!!! Did some Bio, and then the Sec 3s got released for recess, so went to catch a bunch of them. Cheer up Graces :') Anyway, ate a bit before going upstairs to do more work! Finished 2 E math paper 2s, WHOO! Super proud of myself!!!

MORE BIO, and then Mrs Choo came and helped grace with her essay :-) SS!!!!! Attempted doing like an SBQ and did a little bit of content, before going down for lunch! Had lunch today with Grace & Nat (HAHAHAH Nat put her phone on her Tupperware full of apples = Apple on apples HAHAHAHAH) and Ms Lau came and explained natural selection + variation + evolution to us :-) pretty cool!

Went up and did a bit more SS, before talking for like 15, 20 minutes with Mrs Choo about stuff HAHA. She told me about her lit classes and how she was really proud of them, about ~some things~. "Give me two key words" HAHAHAHA. HA, she actually found out about something.... But she was really nice about it. Anyway it was a good time, I like talking to Mrs Choo :') Okay this paragraph sounds cryptic but.

My Sec 3 darlings came down, so got to talk to Nik :') love you Nikkkkk. And Ayn too! Hahaha someone said we looked like we were having a serious discussion. Kind of were, cheer up, sugar muffin :* and Abi, we sent her to Ms Kek HAHAHA after Ms Kek came and went "stop being a drama mama to my Sec 4s! They need to study!" HAHAHA. Cheer up too, sweetie :* QIQIIIIIII, is some freaking humans genius, she recounted her whole chem tragedy comedy to us. Really really love my juniors, what did I do to deserve such sweethearts :')

Back to mugging for the whole of the afternoon! Covered some bio, which was yay! And covered some history as well. Did quite a bit today la, I really love school & juniors & teachers I really don't deserve them ok I LOVE YOU ALL OMG OMG SO MUCH.

Here's to a productive night! Going to do my usual night subjects, Chem & Physics, and editing the random Rosalind essay Mrs Choo sent me HAHAHAHA.