Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello wuuuuuurld HELL WEEK IS OVAAAHHHHoiahgoiahsgoiahsogfisahg. Shall post about the week, I'm slacking my head off today, a well deserved break after a week of absolute intensity!

SO the last post was on Monday! A Math paper 1 was full of shit mistakes so I was like craaaaap must do like really really REALLY well for Paper 2. THANK YOU GOD BECAUSE I DID. They (I'm not entirely sure who 'they' are) have this thing of uploading answers to math papers after the paper and the answers are pretty reliable because they work it out and everything 98/100 FOR PAPER 2 and 70/80 for Paper 1 PHEWWWWW I was really so relieved so my A Math grade is saved :') THANK YOU GOD OMG OMG OMG. okay. That was A Math. HEART ATTACK. Chem on Tuesday was alright. I will assume it was alright. HAHAHA usually my Chem's not bad so I'm not scared of that. It was an okay paper, like it was pretty straightforward so thank God for that :-)
Other than papers, what else did I do on Tuesday, hmmm...... Crammed chem with Chou, Sal & Grace before the chem paper, rushed out to ask Ms Ho the answers to the A Math paper HAHHAA, pretty much it, too busy crammingzzzzz.

WEDNESDAY. Bio day! HAHAHA got to school really early and mugged for bio. Legit freak out mode on Wednesday. In the morning I was really calm and just going through notes and stuff, casually...... And then like 2h before the paper I was super duper restless and panicky HAHAHA alamak. Studied with Chou Grace and Sal as usual before the paper, hmmmmm. Bio was pretty alright I guess, I mean it was a pretty straightforward paper as well so thank God for that, but I got like a really weird feeling when I was doing the paper, so hmm. But it was okay! :-) Spent 20 minutes after the paper trying to convince Mrs Choo over whatsapp to hold extra lesson tomorrow. I succeeded la OMG EVERYONE CAME PLS HAHHAHAH will post about this later when I get to thursday.
Studied a bit of physics and then moved on to History for the rest of the night. Really wanted Stalin to come out but........

Crammed Fascist Japan before I went into the hall on Thursday because I figured they might ask Japan since they're taking it out of the syllabus after the next batch. EXTREMELY THANKFUL because fascist Japan came out as a question on its own and it was so straightforward!!!!!!!! Like the WWII one required a bit of thinking (didn't actually read it until the end of the paper because Japan was the first question and I was like JAPAN!!!!!!!! and I read the questions and i was like !!!!!!!!) AHHHHH!!! And half the SBQ was inference although i missed out the Red Peril bit because I didn't know what the Red Peril was until Mr Goh pointed it out HAHAHA but its okay!!!!!! Was really really thankful for the history paper so its okay :-) THANK YOU GOD heh, got reminded of Jeremiah 21:31 before the paper started "The horse is ready for the day of battle, but the victory rests with the Lord" WHOOOOOOO HAHAHAH
After that I really had 0 mood to do any physics, hmmm. Helped Sal and Grace & Chou and that was pretty much all I did...... Oh and Mr Lim answered my questions before we stepped into the hall, hahahaha so sweet ok because he still remembers like half of 2I or more :') SO SWEET. Mmm, got to talk to Nik bb too :* I miss that little sweetie, watched her grow as an SL since 2011 :') LOVE YOU and I'm so proud of you BANDAGE OVERALL IC!!!!!!!!! you're gonna be great sweetie, had fun just walking around and talking to her :')
Ok physics was pretty shit..... to a certain extent. The questions were rather odd, but the paper got progressively better. The things they asked for the first few questions threw me off a bit, but the rest of the paper was good :-) Okay la. Physics was the toughest science paper out of all the three I did. BUT OK!!!! Rushed down for lit the LT was packed ok. HAHAHAHA. Stoned a bit la because I was pretty tired and thrown off by thursday...... I mean it wasn't just the physics paper but it helped consolidate everything :-) hung around and talked to Mrs Choo before I went home and she was like "I didn't expect everyone to turn up" HAH. HAHAHA. Talked about random stuff (as usual la hahaha)!
Got home and panicked. Legit panicked for lit oh my gosh hoaihgaoihowiahgaois HAHAHAHA panicked to the primary school cruuuu HAHAHAHA I love that bunch la even though they make fun of me all the time. Went mad la, kind of. HAHAHA. Crammed quotes and slept at 1.30 I figured I could because I only have one paper today and I wasn't planning on studying so I wouldn't need the sleep and the mental alertness HAHAHAHA.

LIT THIS MORNINGGGGG (okay I will blog in greater detail about today because I can remember HAHAHA) cramming quotes before going into the exam hall. Mrs Choo came and gave a sort of round up to me before we had to go up. Was pretty scared la got her to come to school earlier today HAHAHA.
What I felt when I entered the hall all the way to the end of the paper:
Felt unusually peaceful for something I was freaking out about....... Thank God, really.
Opened the paper and frantically searched for the Chrysalids text. Read the questions roughly, and saw "sophie" and "aunt harriet" i was like omg omg omg omg omg no freak freak freak freak NO THEME OR GENERAL QUESTION AND THEN I read the Sophie one i was like hell no, and then I read the Aunt Harriet one and was like I CAN DO THIS I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS PRETTY WELL AND I WROTE AHAHAHAHAHA I was so so so happy because Aunt Harriet quotes are like the ones I can remember the best.
WHOOOOO went on to the prose and I was like craaaaaaap nooooooo HAHAHAH the prose was actually pretty hard ok plus the part i wasn't impressions like it typically is. It was technique and the second part was sort of impressions sort of anything goes so I was like praying really hard I wouldn't do it wrongly...... FEAR. HAHAHAA I managed to finish the whole paper properly so was pretty glad about that.
looked for Mrs Choo after the paper because I needed to know that I did the prose rightttt and I did THANK GOD. srsly so happy went mad with chou and grace. walked around school and went to have pumpkin soup which tasted really good and helped Ms Kek paste up seating plans for MEP! OMG THERE WAS THIS PRE SCHOOL GRADUATION THING GOING ON IN THE AUDI and the kids were soooooooo adorable I think I died omg. I like little boys I think little boys are cuter than little girls. The boys were dressed in like suits and tuxes and rolling around on the floor and the girls were in pretty dresses and omgggg soooooo adorable omg omg omg.
Retreated back to "The Abode" as chou calls it now. (our study bench outside the staffroom HAHAHA) and sort of talked and slacked and went mad. Fleh came and told us lame jokes and kept us company because she had free period (bio!) HAHAHAHA so it was pretty hilarious. Was waiting for Stace to end her paper so we could go to United Square together to meet liz. :-) Mrs Choo walked out to talk to us before I left and like i sent her this screenshot of the 6-2 group chat because Will said his teacher in SJI said something good about the lit standards in MG and Mrs Choo was all "I am more disturbed at why you are talking to so many weird boys why are you talking to so many boys" HAHAHA. And she told us really hilarious stories about her squash adventure HAHAHAHA and she kept making fun of meeeee :( was upset about how I can't watch NC16 movies and she was like "please you probably need to bring your birth cert along to the cinema because when they look at you they won't believe you have an IC" I was like heeeyyyyy. But she said "if i tease you so often you are very high up because i don't bother to tease normal people" HAHAHAHA so I was like awwwwwww (I think). Pretty hilarious conversation with her, Chou & Grace HAHAHAHA sigh (happy sigh)
Left for United Square! Did 2 S-es out of our SSS HAHAHA had Subway for lunch and then went to Starbucks to get Christmas drink!!!! Fun time with the boobs HAHAHA talking about random people and enjoying their company :') HAHAHAHA idiots tried to share a chair and they got like stuck... in the chair.... HAHAHAHHA.
Came home and watched 3 solid hours of X Factor auditions and 1 hour of Junior Masterchef HAHAHA today is my slack day!!!!
HAPZ GONNA GO ON TUMBLR NOW BYE. Another 2 hours of X Factor later on! WHOOHOOOHOOOOO i love X factor wheee. but first, photos from this week:

Nik :****

Fries nom. 

Procrastination ttm last night HAHAHAHA sigh. 
Discussing the gender of the swimmer in the physics paper.

LUNCH TODAAAAY I want it again sob.

STARBUCKS not a good picture but ok 

NEW NAIL POLISH COLOURS!!!! Was obsessing over them on Sunday night while watching Despicable Me. I was supposed to be studying for SS. Mrs Choo was testing me on essay questions to get me to study haaaa :P 

done with SS for the rest of my life YAYYYY

Idiotssssss :( 

Last minute history cramming

BYE :*