Thursday, January 3, 2013

orientation day 2013

T'was a good day, as all days go in school! Got to school really early, like at 7! It felt weird to walk into school breaking so many school rules, and feeling like you didn't fit in anymore. Pretty sad, sigh. Met Liz & Stace at the bookshop queue first! Talked a bit, and then Mrs Choo came to school so I went up to the staffroom with her, after much fussing about her biometric scanner thing HAHAHA.

Got to see the juniors!!!! :') managed to catch up with Qi, Elinor & Andrea, aaaah I've missed them!! MY A1 GANG HAHAHA (can't believe we - namely Qi - invented a spin off of heart attack when we all went crazy studying HAHAHA) gotta play A1 with them before results, just for good measure. Anyway, it was a happy morning :')
Went up to the hall with Mrs Choo, cuz I was waiting for her to go up too! She's always stuck with Shan, HAHAHA. Tied pink ribbons for both of them before going into the hall, for the day to begin!

So I kinda sat awkwardly at the back of the hall with the teachers, listening to Mrs Ong's and Mrs Loh's addresses, the introduction of the school and whatnot, sec 1 orientation stuff. It was indeed kinda awkward, and then all the teachers left HAHA, the kids did their DISC thingies! Had to account for school diaries with Mrs Loh - they issued the diaries really early on this year, omg aaaah - walked in and out of the staffroom and pushed the diary cart all over school.
And then we returned to the hall in time for the last bit of the DISC profiling test Mrs Loh to do some admin before they were released for recess. Mrs Loh got me to take photos for the day, so I had to loan the school's DSLR from Mr Soo. I HAD FUN TAKING PHOTOS AAAAH HAHAHA. Shy girlies though.

Went to have recess before going up for their mass games! AAAH RAN INTO MORE OF MY SEC FOURS, it feels weird to call them sec fours now though, but I still love them so much. Managed to talk to Ayn, Clara Chua & Qi :)))) My juniors seriously brighten up my day LOADS. luvvvvummm. After talking a bit, went up to the hall and started taking more photos of them playing double whacko! QTPIES HAA I wonder if I was like that in Sec 1. I was whatsapping Hammy about how tall they were getting and how short I am in comparison *hamster sized* :(

They went on their amazing race around school after that! So I went around to take photos HAHA it was really cute. I didn't really understand the bbcy game, but I managed to talk to Mrs Ho! :-) she was so cute she was telling me her nightmare about her elect geog Os results, she seemed more frightened than I was for Os results when she was talking to me HAHAHHA she was so scared. They were passing along rubber bands with toothpicks in their mouths for the game at the link way (fun to take photos btw - zooming in all the way to their faces HAHAHAH), Dodgeball at the quad, where I met Rachel!!! :-) She's so cute haha! I like how she's always so sincere. Anyway, ran into and talked to Hannah a couple of times. QTS FROM CHURCH HEHE :-) They were playing the sit down on each other game outside the science labs, and a blindfolded obstacle course thing at the sports complex (like when they woke us up at 4.30AM during our LTC and made us do the whole obstacle race blindfolded around school. Except of course, theirs was much easier and they were like a million times more awake and conscious of their surroundings than we were. Gosh, but it was a good photo taking place here too because it was quite cute HAHA) it was tiring going around school and taking photos aaaah I was sweating like mad HAHAH. Otw around, I met Mrs Choo who was doing her shift at the bbcy so I just sat with her and talked for like half an hour ++. Stalking people and telling her random things, as how all our conversations go. HAHAHA I always like talking to her :-)

After the whole amazing race, went to staple orientation camp booklets with a few of my lit classmates who dropped by! Stapling 300+ booklets IS NO JOKE OKAY if all my booklets were manually stapled, I WANT TO THANK ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO PUT THE EFFORT TO STAPLE IT. Hahahaha.
Had lunch with Nikky after, thanks for the present my darling, I LOVE IT :') I love this girl, I've seen her grow as a person & as an SL since the end of 2011, and it's been a reaaal honor to have known her and to be able to guide her along :') I LOVE YOU SWEETIE, forevuuurrrr. Thanks for waiting for me :*

Went home after! IM SO TIRED, going again tomorrow and the day after! I am Mrs Loh's official elf, I love Mrs Loh she's so sweet :') so blessed to have had her as my first form teacher in sec one and to have been able to talk/catch up with her over the last four years! And counting! I'm sooooo looking forward to OC, I always love MG camps. Plus I have more things to tell Mrs Choo HAHA. Plus MY BB JUNIORS WILL BE THEREEEE because they are mentors :)))))))) PLUS it's always nice to help and do things with Mrs Loh!

I LOVE MG TO BITS :') it'll always be home.