Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tuesday, I can't wait for tomorrow to be over.

Got to school pretty early today, fiddled about with some Chinese. Mrs Choo got to school and we started talking about X Factor (Nicole Scherzinger is a judge on the UK X Factor what am I doing with my lifeeee) and about how her daughter was complimenting my handwriting (HA.) after that I did some work, Grace came to school and tried cramming some Geog and I am so cool cuz I lent her my geometrical set ^_^ ahahahaha anyway she went up for her human Geog exam.

Did a little more Chinese, mostly slobbing around, did some history. Mrs Choo came out again to look for her gang HAHA and we talked about JC subject combis. Charmaine came to school this morning! :-) great to see her again, told each other about what we've been doing since last Friday, and laughed over the weird As GP topic HAHAHAHA it was really quite funny "wild boob" HAHAAHHA. Yay had fun catching up with Charchar :') Chouster came to school and we started on some actual work after the Geog girls were released from their exam. Talked to Chou, Grace, Stef, Ms Lau & Ms Ho shortly after the Geog exam and Ms Lau was legit sad about us finishing Os and officially leaving :'( awwww. Chou informed them about what happened after yesterday. Honestly, sweetie, it's one thing to break the rules, but it's another to be disrespectful, and yet another to be an SL at the same time.

Did a little more work, they were fogging the school and it was extremely disgusting smelling. Somewhere along the way we closed the doors to the staffroom area. Ms Ho and Mrs Lau came out and Mrs Lau was contemplating whether or not go out into the fog, and Ms Ho literally opened the door and pushed her out and closed it HAHAHA it was pretty hilarious. Stef kept trying to get us to go for lunch, but she eventually went with her classmates HAHAHA.

Left for lunch at Bukit Timah Market at about 11.40, and I swear we went on some adventure. After feeding ourselves, we went to get food for the teachers so we walked to BTP to get Subway for Mrs Renjan and Soya bean milk for Ms Ng. AND WHILST WE WERE WALKING BACK, we totally forgot we had to buy coffee for Mr Liu and we were like !!!!!!!! Coffee!!!! By then we were at the foot of the hill and it was going to rain, so we kept praying it wouldn't rain, got to KAP to buy coffee, and sped walked back to school AND THANK GOD IT DIDN'T RAIN whoooo God is Faithful!!!!! Hahaha!

Talked to Ms Ng a bit whilst cooling down, and then Mrs Choo came out and we talked about what we meant to talk about since last Monday. It's really quite cool yet scary because she did sociology and stuff like that and she can seriously assess you psychologically once she knows you rather well. Like I was just like whoaaaa everything she said was true, to a large extent at least idk how to describe it. Anyway, talked to her for like an hour about stuff that's been going on and sigh. I guess it was nice as in she was really nice about it and it was nice to tell someone about it. But yeah. Something tells me what she said is true, but I so badly want it not to be true, and I'm sure it wasn't like that. Idk. IDKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Sighpie. Okay.

Left for home shortly after that, gonna attempt to better prepare myself for tomorrow now.