Monday, November 26, 2012

tourists for a day

heehee okay I really like her rendition of this song :-) (my left shift button is not working, and I don't know why so it's pretty annoying I have to use my right shift button now, and that feels unnatural) Hmph.

Went exploring with liz, around MBS, Gardens by the bay, and the general Marina Square, Raffles City area, (stupid shift bar is reallllyyy getting to me now grrr). Whenever I go to the general Marina area, with the integrated resorts and the Singapore Flyer and everything, I always feel like a tourist in my own country, hence we took touristy photos because we were tourists for a day.

Also, we never actually realised that Gardens by the bay was such a huuuuge place. Like seriously, i didn't know such a huge garden/park/I don't know what you classify it as existed in Singapore! But it seemed like a good picnicking place, heehee. May have a picnic there one day. So we basically walked rounds and rounds around the gardens, whilst simultaneously trying to avoid the dragonfly lake at all costs, because, I mean, who would want to walk into a swarm of DRAGONFLIES. YUCK. I see enough dragonflies to last me a lifetime around in school. We had a Mcflurry each prior to walking to gardens and exploring gardens, we pretty much burned it off with all the walking (I hope HAHA)

After exploring gardens, we retreated to Raffles City and drank Coke Light because we were really really thirsty. And then we explored paper market & anbc :-) HAHA the bus ride home was kinda funny. Anyway, all in all it was a good day :') Meeting Liz tomorrow again after lunch time-ish to bake a rainbow cake!!!! Before I do that, I MUST MUST MUST go run in the morning to burn off all the fats. yup.

goodbye, fun touristy day.