Monday, November 19, 2012

all your bullets ricochet

Time to type my six thousand word essay, huh, Jess. HAHA.

Wonderful day out with Jess & Kath today, yay :') Got up at about 8.10, got ready and made ham & cheese sandwiches! :-) 77-ed down to Dhoby Ghaut station, and I got there right on time! :-) Leen however, was half an hour late, so Jess and I just sat down behind this huge pillar and talked and stoned and waited for her to come.

took this photo and sent it to leen when she was still on the way HAHAHA

Walked to Fort Canning to have our picnic! I must say the two of them have terrible stamina HAHAHA they are extremely easily put off by long flights of stairs. And the path we took up to Fort Canning included various long flights of stairs HAHAHA. Went up to look for "green pastures" by the RYC way (Math trot dragon, crossing the road, climbing lots of stairs etc) and Jess was telling us about this escalator that led straight up. HAHA.

FINALLY, we found a good spot to sit down and picnic! About 15 metres away from where they were building a stage for, supposedly, the next concert that is to be held at Fort Canning (Never actually been to a concert at fort canning, but now I know where the stage and everything is!)
THE WEATHER WAS REALLY GOOD, cloudy and all and we felt occasional small drops of water, but other than that, it was perf :-) Kathleen made potato salad (of course. except she didn't exactly make it, but close enough! And it was good!); I brought the picnic mat, thank goodness Jess brought another similar one though, we had tons of space!, and brought above mentioned sandwiches; Jess brought a huuuuge ziploc bag full of grapes, another huuuge ziploc bag full of those yumz Japanese peas, cereal, hi-chew (which she attempted to throw into Kathleen's paper bag. About 30% of the hi-chews she threw actually made it into the bag), and apples HAHAHA. IT WAS A SUCCESSFUL PICNIC, good food, good weather and good company! :-)
Talked about what to look for in a future boyfriend, which actually, I don't know yet and I haven't exactly thought about, apart from the basic stuff like first and foremost, definitely someone who loves God, and someone who's nice and everything, taller than me (which really, isn't hard. seriously.) etc etc. And personality types, which I will read more on after I finish this blog post. YAY just really love spending time with hammy and panda :')

mmmh yum + Christmas coloured picnic mats HAHA

love you two :*

After some successful picnicking, we walked back to Plaza Singapura via the escalator that Jess was talking about previously (it wasn't even, like, operating though HAHAHA). Went to Spotlight because Kath wanted to buy some yarn for her new hobby - crocheting (which she pronounces, and spells as crotch-et HAHAHAHA sorry dear). YAY helped her pick out some pretty cute yarn. It was like yarn with a colour gradient. Pastel pink-blue-purple :-) heehee. They had cute christmas stuff.
Spontaneous decision to go catch a movie (spontaneous for me, at least, because usually we plan to watch a movie before we go out. We being whoever I go out with & I heh), and hence Pitch Perfect at 2.10! :-)))) Really wanted to watch it because I heard it was really good, so yup! :-) Jess bought like 4 new iPhone cases for her & Joanna at Toy Outpost HAHAHA.

STARBUXXXXX shared a Toffee Nut Frap with Kathleen, thanks Hammy :') Kath was getting down with her crocheting, and she was getting really frustrated and talking to herself when she couldn't get the beginning right. Also, she really wanted a pair of scissors so she went up to complete strangers studying/doing work in starbz to ask if they had a pair. Jess and I were just like o_o HAHAHA. Pretty much stoned until 2, and time passed by quickly whilst we were stoning. HAHAHA.


okay i loved this movie AHAHAHA it was hilarious + they can sing super super super well. Go check out the soundtrack, actually, go watch the entire movie because it was realllyyyy good :-) It was like Glee, but much much better, so yay! Had so much fun watching it + everyone in the cinema was really like responsive to all the good/hilarious parts, so yup :-) SUPER AWESOME. I actually still have Titanium stuck in my head aaah you shoot me down, but I won't fall, I am ti-taaa-ni-um. (hence the title of today's post)
Anna Kendrick can sing really well, and the moment she went on screen, Jess was all "She's really pretty". I've seen her in movies before but I couldn't really put a finger on which movies, or which roles. 
Background check on Anna Kendrick, NO WONDER SHE LOOKS SO FAMILIAR she was in like Twilight and New Moon and Eclipse and everything as "Jessica Stanley" and at first I was like what who in the whole twilight saga has that name, it turns out to be Bella's human friend in the school HAHAHAHAHA okay + she was in What To Expect When You're Expecting aaaaah okay I see. 

Walked to Cathay because Kathleen wanted mashed potatoes from Popeye's (serious love for potatoes going on here. Otw to Cathay she was walking really quickly because she must've really wanted her mashed potato) walked around Cathay a bit, but there isn't much there, so we headed home! (took the MRT) 
Fantastic day out with Hammy prince + Kath :') wheeee! yay yay yay love you guys! 

Kaykay time to look for stuff to do actually! Now I have SO much time on my hands, I need to do something productive with my time. Jess showed me Pinterest, and I might look for something to do there! Okay I really need to compile a list of things I need to do this holiday, and get down to doing it. It's been a fantastic start to the holidays though, :-) 

For the record, this post is only 1040 words long. HAHAHAHA.