Saturday, November 10, 2012

paper people

My hobbies include:

1. Reading plots of horror movies/horror serials that I will never, ever, have the guts to watch
Today I read American Horror Story Seasons 1 & 2. I know all the storylines to all 4 Paranormal Activities and all the Final Destination ones. Read a few random ones here and there too.
There is a psychopathic killer hiding in my room and I'm going to die in my sleep. Yes.

2. Watching the X Factor.
X Factor is like, amazing. To me at least. My liking for Demi has increased exponentially since I started watching this season of X Factor. Even though she makes a huge colourful explosive show out of every performance and its a bit overboard sometimes. Still. DEMI. Haha.

3. Attempting to exercise
I tired running today, but I gave up after 2.5k. Haven't ran or swam in ages because of Midyears/Prelims/Os so I really need to make a point to get my stamina back up.

Aiyo I'm such a sad loser HAHAHA. When I was talking to Mrs Choo on Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday. Yes, it was Tuesday) she asked me (ok this had relevance to our conversation but it seems random) "do you know what you're good at? Don't list me subjects ok. Don't tell me math, chem......." (it seems like I am only good at my academics, and even so, my grades aren't fantastic. Saddo.)

Woke up at like 7.30 today because of my body clock. When I woke up I was like hmmm feels 8ish, 9. I checked my phone and it was like. 7.30. Got a good morning whatsapp from the hamster though :') i love you.
Watched some X Factor in the morning, I actually have caught up to the current episode. Which means I have to actually wait a whole WEEK before I can watch X Factor. Sob. HAHA. This was me back in Season 1 too. Too caught up with EOYs, I think. Time to go on a Revenge marathon next :-))))) Need to check out which episodes that didn't record and then get them and then have a full fledged revenge marathon (that shall happen after Os)

So I sat down at my table, calculator, dark blue pen and all and I flipped open my Chem TYS "Okay I have to do work now". I finished the 2010 paper 1 in like half an hour and got everything right and I was like okie dokes I deserve a break! (after half an hour of work, totally deserving of a break) AND I TOOK A BREAK FOR THE REST OF THE DAY.
Read paper towns, which I finished just before X Factor started at 10 tonight. It was a really good book, but it was really quite deep so I think I need to re-read it soon, to try to fully understand it. As in the book itself was understandable, the plot and all, but there were a lot of whoa human psyche moments. Anyway. Then I watched some Ellen and videos of Demi Lovato talking about rehab (I know, right.) and then I walked and walked and I ran and I walked some more, and went home to have dinner.

I am actually quite tired because I slept for like 6 to 7 hours before I woke up???? I don't know how that works. Oh, I fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the afternoon too. Dozed off randomly.
I'm trying to think of a good title for this post.