Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So the bulk of my Os is over! The feeling of sadness is starting to set in - we are finally, finally, leaving MG. Anyway.

Got to school bright and early today! Crammed whatever last bit of Chinese I could cram in. Was feeling unreasonably calm, because I didn't have high expectations for Chinese to begin with, a pass would satisfy me. Went up to the hall at about 7.40! Entered dreading the paper, not because I was afraid it was going to be hard or anything (it was pretty difficult, but this isn't in the oh, nothing's too hard for me kinda way but in the I don't care if its hard I just want to finish this shit and pass kinda way) but because I would feel really bored during the paper. Which i did la. HAHAHA. Finished fifteen minutes before time and went to sleep in preparation for the two other papers I would sit for.

Spent break time going around and eating a pau with Abi :') my Sec 3 bbs are leaving for their various ROCs locations, the EE girls leave at 12 midnight and the India girls leave at 2.30am. Suddenly have this very aaaahhhhh :'( feeling because I miss EE so so so much, and I remember us waiting at the airport, drinking Starbucks and freeloading off the wifi in the departure area before going on the plane. Aaaaah I miss it there so damn much LET ME GO BACK sadly I have Os next week so my conspiracy with Ms Koh (for her to smuggle me in her luggage) would not work out too well :( hahahaha :( upset x205919993 but I guess we had our time, and it was a damn good time. Anyway, be safe sweeties drink lots of water and eat all the super good food and I'll be praying for you all back here at home :')

EE :'(

Second paper was a mad rush, a flurry of writing and the sec 3s and the normal Chinese girls were really quiet when they left hehe thanks guys :') I was just WAITING for the two super long hours to be over!!!!!! Anyway I am officially liberated from the horribleness that is learning Chinese HOLLAAAAAA.

Liz's, Bev's and Clarissa's moms provided lunch for us! Thank you! :') it was really good chicken rice!!! Went up to cram more SEA, aaaahhh. Okay I didn't really cram. I just sat there and tried to cram. Hahaha. Mrs Ng came and talked to us for a bit before going up, telling us that we should relax a bit and stop cramming. And then she went up and she told us to go up soon. Mrs Choo came out of the staffroom, she was going home, but she sat and talked to me until we had to go up for our paper :) idk she showed me this really random thing someone whatsapped her, and then I began telling her that I didn't understand like the stupid compre passage but it was okay since I don't usually understand portions of the Chinese papers that I do and she said Kimberly thought it was okay and I'm like AAAH ok bell curve just let. Me. PASS. Said bye and went up, just in time for Mrs Ng to pray for all of us. Wow, it's been two years. Craaaazy. Yeah, thank God for the history teacher that literally saw us to the very end. I love my history teachers, really :') I hope they feel better because they're both sick and flying to EE tonight.

SEA was balanced in the sense that SBQ was hard, but SEQ was alright, because independence was somewhat a repeat of 2010's question on communist revolution so I saw it and I was like THANK GOD I ASKED MRS NG ABOUT THIS yaaaayyyy but SBQ was indeed challenging so it was a fair paper. Whatsapped the primary school cru about plans on going out and partying after Os, Ayn who's leaving for EE tonight (take care sweetie!), and Mrs Choo who asked me about this history paper.

Came back and watched two episodes of Australian Junior Masterchef and an episode and a half of X Factor (I'm almost through the auditions!!!!!) reading Papertowns now too, it's reaaally good.
I'm gonna watch more X Factor once my Ahma's done with her show, going out with Krissy and Kathy tomorrow :* and going to run in the morning before that!

Trying not to think about it because it'll only make it worse aaaah.
Also, I realise how weird I'll feel not going back to school and camping outside the staffroom to study. Going back next monday and Wednesday and thursday and Friday for our MCQs and we're officially through with Os. But MG's like home. Sigh. Gonna miss it there so much I can't even.