Thursday, November 8, 2012

with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair

I just want to watch X Factor all day.

I am on my laptop until I get to watch X Factor HAHAHAHA seriously it is like my life now. Idk what I'd do without watching X Factor (study for MCQs, probably, but that can wait til tomorrow) I'm cold, I feel like my body's radiating heat. Am I going to get a fever? I hope so! So I don't have to go tomorrow. Idk, friendies have been trying to convince me to go but I don't want to. Really.

I harbour so much unforgiveness hur sighpie.

Watched X Factor in the morning, like the whole morning! I woke up at like 9+, a little too late to run so I just watched X Factor (HORRIBLE I need to run tomorrow yes yes I must oh gosh). Done with Judges' Houses! So when I finally get to watch the TV, I'm going to go watch the live shows. HURHURHUR ok seriously I need to get a life. AND Os AREN'T EVEN OFFICIALLY OVER YET

Went to Somerset to meet Kathy, she bought warm soya bean milk and I bought green milk tea and we just walked around Somerset waiting for Kris to come from school! Wanted to watch Pitch Perfect, but IT SOLD OUT (kind of. There were random splatterings of single seats all over the place by the time we got to the ticket counter) super upsetting :(((((( And then we thought of watching Skyfall, but then I didn't exactly want to watch it because I didn't watch all the previous bond movies TOO EXHILARATING FOR ME LA HAHAHAHA.

So we ended up walking around! F21 first, but there wasn't much, so we went to H&M. HEEHEE the kids stuff is really super cute, idk why they don't make kids clothes in like, adult size, but anyway. Can't wait to go to Bangkok and buy, like, everything. HA. Anyway. Settled at Food Junction after that because Kathy wanted soup, and just talked for like an hour plus :)))) Had a good day out with Kris & Kath, hehe love you both :*

I'm really tired now and I don't know why because I slept for 8 hours last night! HMMMPH. First time in a long time not waking up to the sound of my alarm. Must make a point to run tomorrow. And swim, if it doesn't rain (please don't rain) and then study for like Chem MCQ or something idk if I've already thrown all my science knowledge out of my head, I hope not!
The brother's going for camp from tomorrow onward, over the weekend. DAMN means I'm stuck with them. Alone. Fantastic.