Tuesday, November 13, 2012


aaaaaahhhhh (perks) 

What happened today, what happened today (or rather, yesterday, because its 12.11AM now)

Woke up at like 7AM because someone in the house forgot to switch off their weekday alarm (my father). Fell back asleep after that, got ready, had prata for breakfast (which was yum, but really, super fattening) and went to visit my grandparents (father's parents) for a bit.

Thus began the long drive to Changi Ferry Jetty Pick Up Point, or wherever, it was near like this air base thing. Remember passing by the same place when we had the bio field trip thing to Changi beach. My brother had like ACE camp at Ubin and we had to pick him up. He didn't bathe for four days. Imagine if they didn't let us bathe in OBS seriously, no. But maybe because they're boys so they don't really care as much. Still, it was gross.

Went to Changi airport for lunch.
"New distractions", I'm not sure what she meant by that.
Also, I can still taste the garlic in my mouth from the Aglio Olio, which is a bit gross.

Got home, watched some UK X Factor (basically to check out this guy Mrs Choo says is rly good. He's really quite good. Also, his mentor just *happens* to be NICOLE SCHERZINGER how long have I not watched her on X Factor? Very long. Too long. HAHA) and then changed, took 77 down to botanics to meet Linx. AND THEN IT STARTED POURING so I was kinda stuck at the Gleneagles bus stop, whatsapping. Ha. And then the rain kind of died down a little, so I walked into the botanics and I was tryna look for Linx, and then we were both at a lake/pond (I CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE) but then there were three different ones and we thought we were at the same one and then the rain got heavier. MEHHHHHHH. But it was pretty hilarious.

"CONFLICT WITH EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT" "Yes, what effect does that have on the protagonist?" "PROTAGONIST DAMN ANGST"
Lit-ing up the situation. Sighpie.

FINALLY found each other after idk how long. But then the rain got worse and we went to this shelter place and then we talked and then we stalked this couple taking their wedding photos (IN THE RAIN!!!!!! BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING!!) and then kinda walked around botanics and sat at another shelter. Seriously its v dubious at the botanics if its raining. It'll be dubious x90809509138 at night. Creepy stuff.
My parents were coming to pick me up so we literally walked from one end of the botanics to the other. WALKED and kinda ran the last like 300m in the pouring raaaain it was raining really heavily. But it was a good feeling, I just hope we don't fall sick after this HAHAHA.

It was kind of a fun adventure. Dried off over dinner.

Did the 2009 physics MCQ, watched Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 (Idk why but I have this feeling that I've watched it before. I can't remember where) which was not bad! And now I'm waiting for my phone to be done charging so I can SLEEP. and wake up tomorrow and dedicate the whole of tomorrow to studying yes I must.

I'm kinda tired.