Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I am currently doing: reblogging and reblogging from my tumblr dash & listening to the Breaking Dawn Part II soundtrack (I'm not a huge fan, or even a fan to begin with, of the saga, but the soundtrack is pretty good)

What I am doing this week,
Monday: exploring gardens with liz & stacy
Tuesday: idk
Wednesday: dress date with ayn
Thursday: idk
Friday: baking, I guess

yuuuuuup HAHAHA, well I guess since next week I'm going off to Bangkok, and the following week is One Devotion (church camp), it's going to be pretty packed after this week. Pretty excited to go on an uncontrolled shopping spree in Bangkok (rather than going on an uncontrolled eating spree, I have recently developed an aversion for eating too much food. Usually 1.5 meals can last me the whole day ahahaha) and super excited to have an awesome time in camp (:

We'll see.
Things have been.