Saturday, November 24, 2012

I wonder why we don't celebrate thanksgiving in Singapore. It's pretty meaningful, I guess, after watching X Factor HAHAHA yeah, X Factor.

Yesterday, I went out with the whole group and we had lunch at the Cine food court (after much walking around and queueing for our tickets - we actually watched Breaking Dawn Part II on the opening day) and my lunch was burning spicy aaaah.  Bought like three huge cups of coke into the cinema and thus the movie began. I'm not like a hardcore twilight fan, or even a twilight fan to begin with, but I've actually watched all five movies in the cinema.

Breaking Dawn Part II was really sweet. I mean, KStew does not strike one as a motherly figure but she was so cute with Mackenzie in the movie. There was a whole lot of vampire gore though, although *spoiler alert* it was all just a vision. Alice's vision. I felt so so incredibly cheated after all the vampire gore was over and Jane and Aro and erryone died and all and then suddenly when Aro was decapitated it was all like, oh sorry, this did not actually happen. They were literally going after each other's heads. First one to snap the other's head off and burn the body is the winner. So in actual fact, only the vampire lady who told the Volturi that Renesme's an immortal child sucked it up and was decapitated and burned.*spoiler over*
Ah well, so the whole saga is over! it was a cute ending, nonetheless, with renesme. Plus, the soundtrack is actually pretty good.

Sat in a circle and talked at the open space on the third level of scape, which was pretty nice. :-) decided on where to go for dinner, so Liz Stace & I settled on taka! We ended up watching some Hello Kitty performance going on at the toy fair that was ongoing in taka. We watched practically the whole thing, and it was hilarious, cute and yet disturbing at the same time!
KFC for dinner, Liz's dad was all "I see you all are eating healthy" hahahahaha. Okay anyway, after dinner we went back to liz's, played with ojo for a bit, bathed and then watched the Thanksgiving episode of X Factor :-)))) Yay the highlight of my thursdays, I have to wait so long into the week to watch XF. Meh, but this week was super sweet because it was thanksgiving week, so everyone was like, oh i want to thank ___________, for everything and stuff and it was really awww :')

For the rest of the night,
12-1AM: ANTM CYCLE 17 HEEHEEEEEEEE. The episode where they had to do a photoshoot with Coco Rocha, who is ultra gorg, btw. Can't believe ANTM got so utterly crappy after cycle 16. So I just stopped watching it after cycle 17 :-( Was telling Liz & Stace & Natalie about the models though :-) Hahaha sucha creep.
1-2AM: Searching for movies or shows to watch, none of the stupid links actually worked sigh :-(
2-3AM: More searching, talked a bit and decided to sleep by 3AM
3-4AM: We found Jenna Marbles HAHAHA. We just sat there and laughed non-stop at her impersonation videos, and the ones on Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha were hilarious. I think it was partially because we were high on no sleep.
And then we finally slept.

Woke up at like 8AM this morning, plan to wake up at 7, call in Macs and wake up again at 8 when its finally delivered failed miserably. Had a little bit of breakfast, thanks Liz's auntie (: And subsequently, Liz & I just sat at her dining table and refreshed our twitter timelines every 2 seconds or so. We were kinda watching the results show via twitter, seeing how the XF twitter always spams during the live/results shows. so yup HAHAHA.
Arin (YAYYYY *\o/*) and Bea (mehhhhh upset) were eliminated this week! just watched the results show about two plus hours or so ago, and when they announced that bea was in the bottom two she looked like she was going to bawl her eyes out and it was so so so sad :'( and she was crying whilst singing, and it was just so upsetting because she's so cute and her voice is so unique and raspy. But I think she was on the path of permanently damaging her vocal chords if she went on singing. So aaaah :'(

Got home, played pokemon and read for like the whole day wheeeee. What bliss.

(was i wrong about you, all along? was she right? so what made me ever consider that it might change for the better now? why why why why why why why.)