Saturday, November 17, 2012

minwei's wedding / service

Okay I'll blog about today first because I remember today better :-)

Minwei's wedding in the morning! :-) Had a mini gathering before the wedding service started with the CG (whoever in the CG who was there for the wedding) because we needed to write in Minwei's wedding card heehee : P Went up for service! Sat between Kath & Ryan, proceeded to take photos with Jess & Kath before the service started ahaahaha! (super *excited* for picnicking with them on Monday at the botanics, two of my favourite girls ever :*)

Service was reaaaally sweet :') I learnt a new word today, solemnization! I didn't know it was the word for the "I do" part of the wedding service heh :-) Also, it was the first time in a long time, for all of us, hearing Minwei & Ben lead worship again! Heehee :-) Yaaayyyy it was such a happy pappy service :')
Lunch was so good and Kathleen was in like, potato heaven because there was sherperd's pie and potato salad. Had lunch in the youth room with the rest of the youths :-) fun times! Went to say hi to Minwei after we finished our lunch (long queue of people waiting to talk to her HAHAHA) and then we took a photo! (actually, Josh took like 5 because he said something about getting to choose our favourite one HAHAHA)

Left church for Jess's :-) Where 1. she painted my nails (PINK!!!) 2. she put on makeup for me (eyeshadow?) and 3. passed me her perfume so I could spray some on myself. So I essentially smelt like Jess for the entire day HAHAHA. Love uuuuu hammy :') All this while Kath attempted to put on eye makeup for herself, blue eyeshadow "I'M LIKE THE AVAAATAAAAR" HAHAHAHA. Jon drove us back to church for prayer meeting, and on the way we bought some Gongcha at West Coast Plaza :-)

Haven't been for prayer meeting in a while, and it was quite nice. Counting all our blessings, something I have been repeatedly been told to do, but I guess it didn't really sink in that I really do have a lot of things to thank God for. Well, :-/
Hung around before service started! Worship today was goooood :-) Yay! Service today was only worship and some cute pub skit for camp (NOTE TO SELF REMEMBER TO SIGN CONSENT FORM AND BRING $$$ GAH SO ANGST FOR CONSISTENTLY FORGETTING) because there was capping! Decided not to go for capping heh because I was kinda out the whole day so went for dinner with my parents.

Came home and watched like 2 to 3 hours of Masterchef US sesason 3 HAHAHA okay. The only two variety/talent shows I watch are X Factor and Masterchef ultimate loooooveeee

I love you guys crazy :*****