Thursday, November 29, 2012

walkie talkie

(how to make beet cake, off tumblr)

came up with a christmas card/letter list this morning, yay

Spent the day with Ayn (my left shift button is working again, hence I am happy, because my typing life now is much easier) and it was really quite fun :-) Met her at WM, and then took 106 down to Orchard (aka my favourite place in the whole of singapore to go to because its probably the most exciting HAHA sigh, life). Talked all the way on the bus, and then went to the Food Junction at Wisma Atria for Ayn to have her lunch (I didn't eat because my ahma made noodles for breakfast in the morning, and I was super ultra full so.)

Walked all the way to Scape to get Gongcha! If I was with anyone else we'd have probably taken the train, but Ayn & I both like to walk so we walked to Scape, got some gongcha, omz nomz! :-) Decided to go to Plaza Sing, so we walked there too! It was kind of a walking marathon today. Walked around cute shops like Smiggle and stuff, and bought pink envelopes from Daiso!

Ritter Sport Ayn bought for me from EE yay thanks bby ^_^

Walked back to Wisma to go to Typo, bought super cute wrapping paper that I have yet to instagram (LOL) and then we walked all the way to the bus stop at gleneagles to board our buses to get home :-) We walked a lot and talked even more, it's really nice how we can talk about anything seriously we almost didn't stop talking for the 5 hours we were window shopping together HAHAHA.
Thanks for the day, dear :')