Thursday, November 22, 2012


Nothing much happened the last two days, so I will make a list of the minimal amount of things I actually did.

1. Caught up on Revenge.
I love Revenge (this might come off weird sometimes because the name of the series is actually a verb) mainly because I love watching Emily. She's like the most scheming person in the world, and nothing, nothing, throws her off guard. I like watching her destroy others' lives and basically watching psychopaths work. She is kind of psycho, but she's a freaking genius.
I love Revenge. I have a few more episodes to go before I finish the whole of season 1, so I might finish it tomorrow morning before I go off to meet the gang (Idk what to call them HAHAHA the bffls? Cru = staff room cru & recess cru, and gang just reminds me of Mrs Choo referring to her group of friends as her 'gang' too HAHAHA) for lunch :-)
Revenge has also taught me that spending time in a/the juvenile detention centre teaches you how to 1. fight/protect oneself against practically anyone 2. make juvy pallies who would profess their undying loyalty to you 3. find a sensei and scheme. Not that I ever want to spend time in juvy.

2. Playing Pokemon. Platinum.
AAAAAAAAHHHH ok I am seriously hooked on doing this and fighting trainers and training my pokemon and whatnot it has become kind of an obsession I cannot stop playing HAHAHAHA. I just stopped playing about five minutes ago to blog.
Ah okay this version is really kind of fun seeing how I formerly refused to play in any other region apart from Hoenn (which, imo, has the best pokemon)

uhhhhhhhh. HAHAHAHA

3. Playing random card games/board games with the brah and the couzzin.

YEAAAAAAH okay I really need to come up with that 'to-do list'. Holidays have only just begun :-) (sorz to the Sec 4 to bes and the lower sec and stuff because y'all actually start school beginning January but we start school beginning February.)
And I need to start like sleeping later and waking up later. i don't know why but somehow holidays don't feel *complete* if one does not sleep at 2am and wake up at like 11am or something. I sleep at like 12.30 and wake up at 8. Ha. Okay anyway staying over at liz's tomorrow + afternoon with the bffls!!!! EXCITED TO WATCH X FACTOR TOMORROW, X FACTOR EVER BEING THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY THURSDAYS AND FRIDAYS LOL such a saddo indeed.

goodnight x