Tuesday, November 27, 2012

rainbow cupcakes

Baking day today with liz (: (the intensely wonky and un-pressable left shift bar is seriously getting to me aaah) Got up in the morning pretty early (I can't sleep late, but I can't sleep in either, hmph). Hammy left for HK this morning, have fun dearie gonna miss you :* Dragged my lazy butt out of the house and managed to run 4k around the whole Hillview area and back to my gramma's house! Calculated the distance with the map app on my phone HAHAHAH.

Watched some tv, had my lunch, and got ready to meet liz @ BTP! she was a bit late so I had to sit around and hobo a bit, HAHA. Went to fairprice finest to get yellow food colouring and two bottles of coke light (supposedly 0 calories 0 fats I don't see how that works, but, okay.) Walked back to liz's so we could start baking! She actually did quite a bit of research on the different recipes and all for rainbow cupcakes, and it was fun to make although the layering was a bit funky pre-baking.

the purple layer. it was really pretty when we were mixing the blue and red food colouring into the cupcake batter, "like the galaxy"

6 different colours! - red (more to the pinky side), orange (more to the pastel pinky side too HAHAHA), yellow, green, blue and purple (pretty dark, but not bad nonetheless!)

they tasted reaaaally good, even if we do say so ourselves, made cream cheese to go with the cupcakes, but we had lots extra so i brought the extra home for my brother. He'll eat it up one way or another, he loves cream cheese anything. 

all in all, today's baking adventure was a success :-) after we were done with our rainbow cupcakes, liz made cookie dough batter, without eggs, for her friend's birthday :-) ate quite a bit of raw cupcake and cookie batter while weighing the pros and cons of possibly getting salmonella, some kind of illness one may possibly contract by eating too many raw eggs or something. HAHA.