Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturdays :-)

Ok tbh I like Saturdays mostly because of church. Mmmh. The morning was not too desirable, started on The Fault In Our Stars (which was, by the way, desirable) went out to explore the new Plaza Sing though, and Greyson Chance was there for an autograph signing which was pretty cool but the fangirls were fangirling x9020909237 HAHAHA.

Iced coffeeeeee

Walked to church from my aunt's house, stepped into the worship hall and got a small cute gift from Jess :') Worship was really good, whee. I think God was really tryna tell me something, and that above all, His love is greater than anything and everything, essentially.

hammy makes pretty stuff :-) Thanks dear :') 

Now my bag is a zoo. all of which are gifts from three of my favouritest people. 

CG was a good time, talked about thinking Godly thoughts and a lot of other random conversation topics, heehee. About how we should get together as a CG and make/cook/bake stuff and then subsequently eat the stuff that we make/cook/bake (of course) HAHAHA, and about Kathleen's potato-themed wedding. I like all forms of potato, except mashed potato.

Valval baked for CG, they taste as good as they look! :-)))

came home after dinner, made Minwei's wedding card on behalf of the CG :-) gonna all fill it up on the day itself, yay! after that I felt too guilty for not doing work to watch Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 so I did the 2009 Chem MCQ and the 2011 Physics MCQ, both of which I did quite well for so yay! and so here I am. 
I will end off with a excerpt from tfios, which btw is amazing.