Thursday, January 5, 2012

orientation camp part I


Today I have been in school for 14.5 hours, and we're going to be back tomorrow in less than 12, such is the life of an SL, not that I would have it any other way, really. Anyway, my day can be effectively broken up into 5 major parts,

a. School, curriculum time.
b. Carnelians meeting
c. Strolling around OC with Bahnice & Grace
d. Bandage meeting
e. Helping out at OC 2012.

School was really dead boring, I mean, I got a headache because I nodded off too much during Chinese and my head was literally nodding nodding nodding until I felt motion sick HAHAHA WDF anyway, our lessons today were rather long and tiring, but it was good to see some of our teachers again. I mean as much as I don't want to go back to school and lessons are probably going to get intense + boring, I still sort of miss our teachers HAHAHA I mean they're such nice people and it always feels good to see people whom you are familiar with.
Other than that, we learnt stuff like kinetic theory + linear law + matrices, which was alright, I only ever fell asleep because I was dead tired during Chinese. I'm sort of enjoying the ability to sleep early, I mean, its the first week of school therefore I'm not going to stress out so much, so I'm just going to sleep whenever i feel tired (ALL THE TIME, as of current hahah sad life). I was pretty happy when school ended!

Headed to the trellis to meet my Carnelians! I love them so much, they're all so cute :-) And they're a very welcoming bunch, esp to their SF hahaha I mean like we're kinda just sitting in and stuff but they make me feel really welcome and a part of them! After spending a month or so with them, I've come to grow closer to like Nicole, Vess, Su Ern and I think the prefects are so adorbz, Qimin and Celene :-) YUP LOVING MY LTC GROUP I am so blessed to have them ;) anyway, had a good time listening to them discussing and stuff, and they were really amusing, esp Daniela who is super obsessed w Harry Potter ("JK Rowling is from Britain!" ROFLMAO)
Then Ms Ng came and she ran through their timeline and what they have came up with with them :-) Hahaha it was nice that she knows my name despite never working w her before. They're a good bunch!

Left them, after they dispersed and went on to touring the OC station games with Bahnice and Grace my SL buddszzz <3 Hmmm :-) Anyway, no comment! We were just walking around and observing them, and Berenice was taking note of things to bring up during their post-mortem. :-)

BANDAGE MEETING, whole comm! We have quite a lot of things to tackle, but it was pretty fun listening to what exactly was going on, I love my comm they're so hilarious! :-) Also, Siyue sat in too so that was fun, she had really good feedback from last year! Anyway, ITS TIME TO GET STARTED ON BANDAGE, its such a blessing to work in Bandage, I think despite it being a really heavy task, it is for such a good cause, and its going to be so fun planning :-) Comm meeting at 7 tomorrow, WHOOTS LETS GO.

LEARNT MASS DANCE WITH THE SLS omg I love this bunch okay. I think our mass dance was quite hilarious, and the Sec 1s were quite amused with us. I think we were much cooler than the instructor we had in Sec 1 HAHAHA "Wash the clothes, wash the clothes, hang them up, hang them up" LMAO. HEHEHHE had a lot of fun leading mass dance, and the enthusiasm that all the SLs had really overpowered the tiredness I was feeling <3 <3 <3 :') HAHAHA YOU GUYSSSS.
We're going for campfire tomorrow! BOOYAH <3
Proceeded for dinner! Hobo-ed around a bit, talked a little to dear stressed Mrs Lau. ALL THE BEST OKKK <3 <3 anyway, laughed with SLs and stuff, and Mrs Lau wanted me to get the teachers' dinner for them, but apparently I was too over-enthusiastic so they were scared and didn't want me to take for them or something AIYAH HAHA. Anyway, didn't get a lot of food. Idw eat after 8. :-( HAHAHA but Mrs Lau was hilarious, she went all "EDLYN TAY if you become anorexic, I will..... No cannot kill..... No cannot curse.... Hehe, er, please, go eat hehe" HAHAHAHAHAHA I love Mrs Lau, srsly. :') Had dinner w the SLs, ate dessert HAHAHA. So much fun talking to them in the trellis. :')
And then Mrs Lau got Grace & I to take care of this poor sick Sec 1 girl, had fun talking to her (her name is Megan!) and her friend Gen, stayed with them for the rest of the night, they are such sweet girls!

Left school at about 9, and here I am now! Omg I am so tired i think I'm going to sleep soon, but yeah, had a really nice day, can't wait to return to OC tomorrow! Its been such fun, esp with the SLs! :-)