Tuesday, January 3, 2012

beginning of the end


So I felt the need to post about the first day of school, after which I will go and study Chem in case Nicole needs my help at Chem tomorrow, ALL THE BEST TO THE BABES TAKING CHEM RETEST! Got to school this morning bright and early! Was frantically texting this morning HAHAHA, I was so afraid of the jam! But yayyy there wasn't any jam and yay thank you for setting my mood all bright and cheery for the rest of the day! :-) Got to school and felt an overwhelming sense of excitement and nostalgia, seeing the Sec 1 girls look blur at the concourse HAHAHAH while I marched down over to my new classroom! And Wong was standing outside so YAYYY HI ANDREA WONG I HAVE MISSED YOU (': she gave me my Christmas card that I didn't manage to send! HAHAHA, hung around in class, disappeared to walk to 4O (dang I typed 3O!) with Steffi who smells more like strawberries than ever HAHAHA. Got my bday gift from Tessa bb, awwwwh, its soooo cool omg I love you bb!

Went up to look for Grace, came down again and got reunited with KEREN AND CHARRRR :3 :3 :3 :3 I've missed those two qtpies like crazy crazy omgggg. Had fun talking to them for a bit, and reminding Keren bb that she is the new class chair HAHAHA. Met a very flustered Kim Chong and went up to the hall to do P/A duty for Sec 1 Orientation! HAHAHA, had a lot of fun joking around w Kim Chong plus being a SLICK SPY! ;-) The Sec ones are so fortunate to have Mrs Lau, really. :') <3 Hehe, so after a while, Mrs Loh signalled to us that we were not needed (thanks) and we went back to class!

2 hour lecture/nagathon by Magsim that I shall not elaborate on HAHAHA. Grrrr why is she still our form :-( Had free period after, spent it with Keren Char Kristin :-) Had so much fun just talking to them, they are such adorable girls, srsly :') Went to refill their water bottles w them because I was just so restless! Passed by the Sec 1 Orientation ongoing in the bbcy, they were quite quiet!!!! HAHA. Waved to Mrs Lau, and she went "Wah edlyn, Sec 4 already!" I consider this a major compliment from the comment last year on the first day of school that I will never forget "Edlyn you don't look like Sec 3 leh!" LMAO. Kk, anyway, got back to class and Keren plaited my hair (When she asked "edlyn can i braid your hair", I heard "edlyn can I rape your hair" HAHAHA laughed for like 2 minutes)

Recess w da bffls! :-) Good to see all of them again! Hehehe, got super sweet presents, I love my recess crew, Reenah Huilin Megxie Jiayi Nic Stace :-) fun times! Sec 4 (WL WE'RE SEC 4) level briefing commenced, with an opening address by Mrs Ong, followed by an entertaining talk about our academics + school stuff with Mrs Sim, and then a run through of Sem 1 with Ms Kek + the pencil story + the ATTITUDE = 100% thing HAHAHA. Can't believe it, guys.

"Class of 2012. Its 2012."

SL meeting w Ms Ho! We were sitting on the staircase and obstructing a lot of people, and Ms Ho was scaring some Sec 3s HAHAHAH. We were briefed on what we are gg to tackle this year, and I simply cannot WAIT. SL projects are highlights, definitely, and Ms Ho was like "Wah, I'm so happy to see all of you again!" AWWWW. HAHAHHA. I love my SLs, :-)

ROCs meeting! :-) We watched a lot of videos + Mrs Ng's 15 minute video montage consisting of a wide variety of Disney songs such as A whole new world. some random Phil Collins song, You'll Be In My Heart, & her favourite Hercules song that goes "I CAN GO THE DISTANCE ~~~" HAHAHAHA. It was a fun time of reminiscing, EE seemed so long ago when it was just about 1.5 months ago ); BUT WE HAD IT IN THE PW ROOM I was taking in the surroundings omg how I love the PW room :'''') So so so many memories, plus today, it didn't smell bad because we missed the first part!

Stayed back in school after and sat in with the Carnelians for a meeting with Ms Ng about their project! Before that, I was questioning them about their classes and their subject teachers. HEHEHE it was so fun. I was just walking past the trellis until Nicole called out my name. I went over to say hi, and I realise they were all standing in a circle AND I GOT SO EXCITED TO SEE ALL OF THEM AGAIN AHHAHAHA. :') Laura's leaving though :(((((( AND SO IS FAYE OMG WHAT WILL BECOME OF MAGIC TRICKS HAHAHA :( Anw, after the meeting, stayed back and talked to Vess at the trellis! I SWEAR SHE IS SO CUTE I CANNOT TAKE IT HAHAHAHA. Speaking of Vess, I JUST FOLLOWED HER ON TWITTER YAY VESSSSSS :') HAHAHA, she was telling me about her english teacher + her first day at school + all her blur moments, she is so blur and her reactions are hilariously slow and epic! Had a good time talking to her, laughed so much! hahaha! I think I'm really blessed to have my group for LTC, they're all such sweet and funny and entertaining girls :-)

Helped out Infocomm a bit, walked around with grace, came home! :-) Proceeded to hobo for about half an hour on the couch texting HAHAHA. NOW I NEED TO GO STUDY CHEM HAMANA hope y'all had a good day at school!