Sunday, January 1, 2012


HI ITS 2012 WOW.

Okkk I'm going to blog about yesterday + today! :-) Yesterday was a Saturday! Met Lizzie @ Cine to watch NYE! :-) Bought our extremely expensive (11 buxxxx) movie tickets & also super ex diet cokes and went into a small little cinema for our movie! The seats were limited, or something, so we ended up sitting in front of each other HAHAHA. But other than that OMG I LOVED THE MOVIE HAMANA. It was so much better than Love, Actually, I LOVED NEW YEARS EVE, they make New Year's sound so magical. But okay I really want to go to Times Square New York one day and watch the ball drop. Yuuup, lovely movie, made me laugh at some parts and hold back my tears at others SNIFF.

 I LOVED NYE and I could get all the parallel storylines (Okay not all of them were parallel, some storylines intersected in unexpected ways!) AND I WOULD WATCH IT AGAIN. I'm going to try Valentine's day one day! WHEE OK. Walked all the way to Shaw house for lunch! MOS :-) Met Reenah there where she unloaded all her presents hahaha THANKS DEARS :-) had a good lunch catching up and stuff, didn't meet them for the whole holiday!

Skipped on over to Prologue to meet Jiayi + so I could get the huge pieces of paper for Joyce + Joash + Joshua + Bernadine's farewell cards! Hahaha, had a good time looking through the aisles and talking, however short! Bought the stuff and walked back down to Orchard MRT! Needed to leave for church, so we took a parting polaroid 

Changed trains like crazy and rushed down to church! Ended up hoboing outside the prayer meeting/kindergarten room waiting for Linx to relate his orders HAHAHA. So yup, we managed to get all the cards done by service! :-) 
Saturday's service was Thanksgiving Service, and really, to end the year right with God. Ya so during altar call I was just reflecting on how God has seriously brought me through the year. I think it was by God's grace that I could balance SL stuff and school work, and manage to do considerably well at the end even though two weeks before my finals I was dying inside and I couldn't concentrate at all HAHA. And how like I really just want to live my life for Him la, and stop. So yaaaa I was really touched by God's grace & awesomeness this year :') THANK GOD. 

After service, Leenie & Ryanny (HARHAR Ryanny started calling me Edlynny LMAO) presented me with my birthday gift A HUGE TEDDY BEAR FROM TOYS R US :333 And Kris and Ryanny made me wear a tiara LIKE SRSLY GUYS AHAHAHA. Krissy baked cookies OMNOMNOM I love and will eat anything that Kristel Tan bakes like seriously HAHA. OKAY :-) Went to Hwanam to have dinner with the churchies~! FUN. HAHAH, sat next to Bala. LMAO @ CHRIS K he was like (to Bella) "If you marry a Chan, you'll be BalaChan" HAHAHAHA. Anyway. She tortured me during dinner HAHAHA I still love you la Bels. ;-) HAHA. Anyway Jess was hugging mah teddy bear (I named it after Kristel and Bella. Guess the name. Kristabella HAHA). Her baby. HAHA. It still smells like her now. 
Mmmh, after dinner, we all crammed into Jess's car and went to her house! :-) went up to change with Jess and then we came down and we watched A WALK TO REMEMBER 

(side note: someone watch the new Nicholas-Sparks-book based movie staring Zac Efron THE LUCKY ONE hallo best of both worlds a sad sobby move in which someone probably dies before/during/after the course of the movie + hothothot Zac Efron, with me next year ok ok set. I like. HAHA) 

Only Jess & I will truly appreciate the goodness and amazingness that is A Walk To Remember. HAHAHAH k whilst we were watching the movie, Krissy was putting make up on Bels, Bels tried putting make up on herself, Jess tried putting on make up on me and then went to put makeup on herself ER HAHAHA. Other than that HAMANA A WALK TO REMEMBER (': Bels kept saying the acting wasn't good/there was no build up to their relationship GRR GO AWAY BELS and I think Heidi & RJ didn't really get the last part where she died (BAWL BAWL SHE DIED) . Ruijun and Huiling were just sitting at the back watching us HAHA. anywaaaaay ;-) Everyone started going home so when we watched the second movie, When In Rome, it was just Jess Bels & I left. hehehe. A little into the movie, Melena came by as well! And then we watched the movie kept gaping at how Kristen Bell is so pretty WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY KRISTEN BELL look 

PRETTY RIGHT. OMGZOIHAOGHAOSIH. The show was quite funny HAHAH because she had super odd suitors HAHAHA. Mhmmmm! So Melena left after the movie, and Bels was like asleep on the sofa already. AND IT WAS 2012 BY THEN SO HAPPY NEW YEAR my phone kept buzzing and SMSes wouldn't send and everything HAHAHA. And twitter was down too so my facebook sort of exploded with "HAPPY NEW YEAR"s! Anyway! Watched cartoons lying down on Jess HAHAHAHA. Captain Planet, Spongebob (48h Spongebobathon!), & Dexter omg its been forever since I've watched Dexter. After Elijah came to pick Bella up, went upstairs to Jess's room and got ready for bed! Yup, talked in the dark and stuff and finally fell asleep at who knows what time HAHAHA.

Woke up a little too late to go to church on time! But yay! Showered first, and then Jess went to bathe hahahaha. Then when we were all ready, walked to the bus stop and took a bus down to church (wowza the bus fares are off today! Like the bus ride was free! HAPPY NEW YEAR!). Stopped by Esso to get drinks before going for service! Lalalala talked all the way it was nice. :-) YUP, I'm sure we've learnt more about each other! Its nice how we're closer after church camp :-) Wowee, worship hall was full today! So we hoboed at the back hahaha! Thanksgiving service was niceeeee :-) Videos about the different church ministries + sharing + we sang Worthy Is The Lamb. Took turns hugging huge teddy bear HAHAHA. So it was a good hour before my parents came to pick me up :-)

Lalalalala shall not elaborate on the rest of the day for fear of spoiling this happy post HAHAHA. Had Korean lunch and walked around orchard and all thaat. I got quite sleepy in the afternoon. Too lazy to drag myself down to do some exercise so I just stoned the entire afternoon. Wheeeee. 

HI HAHAHA I'm still lying on Carol bear now though sorry I am squashing you lalalala. 
Had a good day yesterday + this morning I love my church friends so much *INTENSE* :-)