Saturday, January 21, 2012


Mmmh so the week's over :-)

I'm looking forward to the long weekend! With painted nails and a stomach waiting to be filled with good food, I bid goodbye to school for the next five days :-) I'm so excited, can't believe its Chinese New Year already! Anyway, this week was better than last week, in the sense that I could control my emotions much better than last week, so I didn't go into emo lapses so often this week.

Idk, I guess I'm really just trying to commit everything to God now. I mean, if He means for it to be this way, then I should trust Him and where He is leading me to right? And if God meant for this all to work out, then it will. I should just stop trying to do things with my own strength and instead lean on Him. I'm trying to. Its hard, but I'm certain that after I do, everything will be how God means for it to be. Yuuuuup.

Managed to finish all my homework this week, got back my physics evaluation test which I did not bad for, considering I did not have full understanding of thermal physics. Also, we had a bio MCQ today. I thank God, really. All the questions that came out today, I did the night before in my TYS + assessment books, so effectively, I knew nearly all the answers. I hope I do really well if not I'll be really disappointed with myself. Also, we don't have to do the fuel cell questions for Chem anymore so that's a yay :-)

I believe that Term 1 is going to be soooo busy. I'm quite sure my Bandage responsibilities will come up soon, I am in POH admin as well (thankfully, Kristin promised that it would be slack hehe. Relatively la). Class appointed me to lead the St Luke's visit, which means I have to go and sort out the activities for the visit, as excited as I feel about going for the visit, it is hard to a certain extent to work with some people. Heh. oh well, we shall see! Being in Infocomm comm is quite fun hahahaha, even though it is another responsibility. The comm just spends the CCA time doing admin stuff for the CCA :P Not too bad! March holidays = gone! Wheeee. Okay.

But yes, another week has passed, and I can't say I was happy at all points of this week. I've had those moments where I'm just like, omg, why. I want to be Sec 3 again, why why why why why. And like, those omg life sux how to liddat moments. Or those, omg I'm so tired please kill me and get this over with periods. I'm quite thankful cuz God has brought me through yet another week, and I am alive. God has blessed me with classmates like Char & Keren & Kristin & Claris who make me smile hahaha. And I feel touched that Jess makes the effort to whatsapp me even though she's busy + tired and stuff and she has been a wonderful friend who has shown care :')  Anyway, read through my archives. I miss youuuuu. And I hope that you're happy now that it is the holidays. And I hope that you're happy everyday and that you're not stressed. And I wish I could talk to you often again, but that would be super selfish of me. Anyway. <3.

Daddy got me a polaroid + hello kitty film from HK :-) Actually, he just bought it for me, hehe, it was my good progress award money! I'm so excited to take some pictures tomorrow (:
Need to catch up with loads of studying as well, hope this super long weekend will be productive + good :-)