Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hello, :-)

Today was rly rly tiring, to the extent that I ended up falling asleep for an hour whilst studying chem on my bed HAHA I'M SO DEAD BEAT OMG :-( First thing this morning was assembly @ the audi, I can't believe we're the oldest ones already :-( sigh anw, they went through the security stuff at school, and then we had a school rules briefing.

History at Spare room 2.2! ^___^ Having History now with 4S and 4T, Mrs Ng is simply hilarious, began with a short introductory session for us to know each others' names. Most of the girls in my new history class are my classmates/EE frans. :-) Anw, so Mrs Ng went on about her expectations and running the race, and one of her favourite verses, "If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?" - Jeremiah 12:5. HAHAHA and she ended off with saying we have to run this race tgt or something :-)

Back to class for Chinese, we got a new (male) laoshi! Louey next to me was telling me how she really missed laoshi ): I MISS LAOSHI TOO LAOSHI Y U NO RETIRE ONLY AFT THIS YEAR :-( Our new laoshi seemed nice, honestly. He expects all A1s from us, Higher Chinese no exception. I don't think I can get A1 for HCL until a miracle of miracles happens. We were quite speedy, analyzed our first wen zhang, got our first piece of homework (He's very chill about homework due dates) and we began on a kewen. We had 1h and 20mins so I guess that was a realllly long time. Nothing could compare to the 4h Chinese marathon we had two days before Chinese Os though HAHAHA.

Recess, I preferred the old Chinese rice :(((((( Ate, hmmmm, and then went around running errands for CCA showcase @ 11! Prepared for CCA showcase, made our bored, set up our booth and all, and honestly, I feel quite ..... As in I know I'm in comm and all but like I don't exactly love my CCA? And I just couldn't bring myself to like, promote it wholeheartedly. Spent CCA showcase walking around, getting stickers from various dears at various booths HAHA, some were stuck on me. Visited the Guides + GB booths the most cuz they were right next to the infocomm booth, Tessa bb had a loudhailer and she & Steffi kept blasting in my ear HAHAHA. Nicole goes all "omg i think those sec 1s are scared of me help me go talk to them" to me and I'm all "HI DO YOU WANT TO JOIN GUIDES OMG WHAT AM I DOING" hahahahaha. It was pretty hilarious, how the Sec 4s were competing for Sec 1s to sign up for their own CCA HAHA. Fabs was quite intense about her CLDDS hahaha. Our selling points: 2h a week, aircon, internet, prize money, lots of CCA points. We might have forgot to mention the bit about P/A duty and stuff hehehe.

Missed Chem + English so that was good. Spent lunch w Nicole and Claris, watching Nicole eat (the amount she eats is crazy, seriously) and looking for Mrs Lau to no avail :-( Had apple juice though, so that was (y). Ran back to class for Lit cuz we saw Mrs Choo walking HAHAHA.

Lit was fuuuuun, as usual :-) Mrs Choo had many stories to tell, and it was really entertaining. Class of 2012, you guys are seriously (y). Mrs Choo says if 4I/R gets 100% A1s for combined SS+Lit for Os, she'll throw a garden party at her house ONZ MAN. HAHAHA. We did some essay questions about uncle axel that will never come out ever again. "Mrs choo you are my second favourite teacher" "Nicole, remind me to torture her" rolfmaooooo. All in all it was a good first lit lesson for the year, great great! :-)

Stayed back waiting for Nicole to finish her retest whilst doing my English homework (I FINISH ALR) and still couldn't find Mrs Lau after :-( so went home came home moped around did more work gg to try to do some more work now.