Monday, January 23, 2012


“I love you also means I love you more than anyone loves you, or has loved you, or will love you, and also, I love you in a way that no one loves you, or has loved you, or will love you, and also, I love you in a way that I l ove no one else, and never have loved anyone else, and never will love anyone else.”
— Jonathan Safran Foer


had a rather enjoyable day yesterday! :-) Youuuuth :-) Had worship before going to Ryanny's, and I thought worship was really powerful! It felt good to be worshipping God after a week of school, as it usually is :-) Yup! Then went around taking polaroids with my dearest Kristel & Kathleen :-) Too bad my hamster prince (Jess) was sick yesterday :-( </3 HAHA
Went to Ryanny's for dinner! :-) It was a good dinner, yummmm! Talked a lot w Leen, Krissy, Ryan, Jem, Daniel, etc etc :3 I love my CG, they're such amazing people! Spent the night doing a lot of random things and playing random games like the Safari one I totally sucked at + wasn't paying much attention to because I was whatsapping hamster prince HAHA BUT I STILL TIED W RYAN IN THE END :3 Anyway. Related the entire story of the Chrysalids to Jem, HAHA, his book was about some tribe and eventual suicide. Sent Kris down to the bus stop w Ryan, super steep slopes and shtuff HAHAHA, talked about random things! (This is not in chronological order btw)
Just thankful for the company + the good food :')

Woke up rly rly late today, went out for lunch, and actually did Cold War + English homework + a little bit of Chem this afternoon, so that was good! :-) Stupid ednamode, idk how not doing homework is 3 demerit points!!! (Actually. When I was Sec 2 I had a lot of demerit threats from Mrs Lau who would go "EDLYN TAY DEFIANCE IS 3 POINTS" or something along those lines harharhar idk what I did already lor :P)
Reunion dinner!!!!!!! Lots of salmon i essentially ate rice, salmon, salmon, salmon, soup, salmon salmon salmon salmon veg salmon salmon mushrooms salmon salmon salmon salmonnnnnnn.
Cousin taught me Chem HAHAHA she's hilarious, she taught me organic chem ahead. Watched MEGAMIND I love megamind so much. Watched a little bit of Mulan as well. :') Webcammed with Estella! Its snowing in America, so beautifuuuuul, I want to experience snow! :')

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I can't wait for this to come out to the theatres, FIRST OF MARCH omg please. I was nearly crying watching the trailer itself, who knows what will happen when I watch the actual movie
Aaaaah! :3

Yay Happy Chinese New year! :3