Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reenah should be coming to get me soon, to go to her birthday party, and I'm excited for it and all, but all I want to do now is sleep sleep sleeeep and mope around in bed. Aiyaah. I just don't feel too good ok. I just felt kind of suckish after OC yesterday. I mean, it was fun and all and the company of the SLs was really good as usual, but aiyah I guess stuff happened and I was just trying very hard not to break the happy atmosphere. It was good seeing the Sec 1s all happy and pumped up, and I hoped they enjoyed their camp and all (They're doing the Macarena better than we are now, and they were so amazingly hyped up last night)

Yup, did prepared ppt for youth later and I was feeling just very ..... Like I was assured in God's promises and all, and felt a little better about myself, but like I can't help but feel that I'm always disregarding God whenever I feel upset. I just like, withdraw and stuff. Aiyah i don't know how to explain. Idk, I just feel quite hurt right now la. Like. It kinda sucks how you are second place to someone you have always prioritized above everything else.