Tuesday, January 24, 2012

chinese new year I

So to sum up my day:

1. Woke up at 10.30 harharhar ate breakfast got ready and went to my grandma's house to pick her up!
2. Super long drive to Simei + whatsapping Hamster Prince about how hungry we both were HAHA.
3. House #1 in Simei + really nice relatives + really good lunch + whatsapping hamster prince about how full we both were after that HAHAHA.
So Jess my hamster prince goes all "I WILL SLAY THE DRAGON!!!!!!!" HAHAHAHAHA hamster princess <3s hamster prince! :')
4. House #2 in Sengkang + super good pineapple tarts + watching wedding videos + Whatsaaaaappp.
5. House #3 in Punggol, really nice polaroid with Ahma + grandauntie + cousin + brother :3 + talked + ate more food omg.
6. House #4 in Kallang, had dinner there WAAAH + Hamster prince going "Stop eating, my hamster princess!" HAHAHA + awkward conversations w cousin about my future boyfriend (gg to get 5 and get them to meet Mrs Lau on separate occasions for her to choose LOLOL.)
7. Last house at Havelock! It was super windy there HAHAHA talked to my aunties (omg it makes them sound really old, they are actually only 20+), yeeeaaaap

And got home! :-3 Finished, well, nearly, with dolphin research for the Bio AA! Hahaha, had a nice first day of CNY. Spent much of it receiving compliments from relatives (*flicks hair*), stuffing food into my face (my ultimate weakness for pineapple tarts + kueh lapis + food in general AIYAH), & whatsapping my hamster prince (and coming up with a lot a lot of funny things HAHA) hehehe! :-)
Tomorrow gg to spend the day at my grandma's! STUUUUUDY.