Saturday, January 14, 2012

week 2


Its Saturday, and words cannot describe this week. I think it was just a strain on me both physically and emotionally, and I've been looking forward to the weekend so much. HAHA. I just don't exactly fancy being Sec 4, I mean, its alright, but its so tiring and I'm sick of lessons. Hahaha I think I'm just tired of pretending I'm like some happy pappy in school as well, when inside I'm just like ngeh. I think this has been an emotional week for all the Sec 4s (evident from all our tweets). Not looking forward to school next week, if its anything like this week. At least we have holidays like crazy for CNY.

As much as I love MG, a lot, there is just so much to do and I have nothing to look forward to anymore and also, I think I am really bipolar HAHA. I don't knowwww (my favourite phrase when I feel confused). The work is piling up (clearly, MG, the homework policy is not working) and MG is finally going all hip with the WIFI @ MGSS hahahaha. I think its quite hilarious, but I love that our classroom is next to LT1 and so our WIFI @ MGSS strength is very high. I like how the Sec 4 classes are on the first level, our grass patch! Its quite fun to go hang at the grass patch after school with like Tessa, Steffi, Nicc, etc etc whoever's there HAHA and bollywood dancing with the tree.

amazingly on friday, had the best time during CCA I had in a few months harharhar. It was just hanging out with the comm, and I swear my comm is hilarious. Cris + Kimfoo + Kimchong, it was ironic how the comm were the ones being relatively noisy and laughing whilst trying to plan Sec 1 Orientation next week harhar. So er, next week is Orientation! I think we won't have any problems w the sec ones because they are all very. Vocal. Hahaha.

Friday is probably the best day out of the whole week, timetable wise. Had loads of fun during Lit la, it was really amusing how Mrs Choo named the Sealand woman Seasealea and asked me if she could call me Seasealea for a week. And then Bio lab, Liz & I looked crazy carrying measuring cylinders full of pond water + a squirty bottle of paraffin oil and walking across the hot hot quad. HAHA. yeaarrrhh. then did ROCs sales for Bandage and that was pretty fun la hahahaha (; Sat @ the trellis with Nicc Tessa & Danielle talking while waiting for the parents briefing to finish. Yaaay (;

Can't wait to start getting intense over bandage + POH (omg Kimfoo goes all "I'm going to call you BAPOH from now on - Bandage + Pink Of Health"). I think just want to be really busy with SL stuff + schoolwork till I can't think of anything anymore (as busy as you). I will buy any Bandage merch they make I PROMISE. Also, I'm gg to buy myself a polaroid with the 200 bux the school gave me as a "Good progress award". Yay i'm quite excited!

Today was churchie, so glad to see everyone again, Qiqi opening the window to meow at a cat downstairs (cat boy ttm), helping RJ with binomials + venting about school stuff harharhar, sharing about our week + planning CNY reunion dinner (we're gg to have it at Ryanny's as usual, HAHA, can't wait!!!) + writing our New Years Resolutions + playing 4 Kings (HAHAA). It was a really good CG bonding time, ate so many snacks :P + Vicky brought along her friend and she was an ex-MG girl!!! #MGPRIDE. HAHA okay love my CG they're such wheeee people.

Yup, quite a sucky week. Really glad for classmates like Keren & Charmaine & Kristin who make me feel happier, at the very least. They're so adorbz, and I like talking to them in between lessons, before school, after recess, during lunch & things like that. Really really thankful for Jess, (': Really glad for her, hehe, thank you so much for whatsapping with me throughout the week and really just being so sweet and affirming! Just really touched by the effort she made to talk to me and all because I was emo and stuff harhar (': So so glad to have found a friend in her, much love! x And thanks to Linx too, for being so encouraging HAHA both of us were really quite dead through the week and tweeting each other and stuff.

Really thank God for such people, although I still miss you. I've been trying really hard to let God take charge, but there are some instances where I feel I let myself let schoolwork or something else take presidence over God, and that shouldn't be the way, really. I don't know, I pray that next week will be much better and that I will remember that TODAY IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE so I will try to REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT. (':