Wednesday, January 18, 2012

mid week

Hahaha hello,

Today was not bad! Like even though it was sucky Wednesday (ya, we have our worst schedule on Wednesdays, sigh), it didn't turn out all that bad! Started off the day with going to 4T and reading Gerald & Piggie books with Steffi HAHAHA. We role-played HAHA. Gerald the elephant is so needy (very much like myself, I AM A NEEDY PERSON I WILL NOT LIE OKAY HAHA. But I'll only feel needy if I'm super close to the person okay ANYWAY.) But the books are so cute.

Happy birthday Berenice dear (': <3 

ROCs presentations! It was quite fun to watch, omg! The NZ one was hilarious, the part of the video when they were rolling down the hill, and Mr Liu goes all "RELEASE YOUR POTENTIAL ENERGY" HAHA I think the whole audi laughed :P According to Barnice, they're gg to show our EE video for the entire school presentation OYEAAA. HAHAHA (': A lot of good memories, but as I sat there and watched our video, it hit me that our ROCs3 was over. After anticipating ROCs3 for three years, we've finally been through it, and I'm like omgggg I'm so old *nostalgia*

History was hilarious, hahaha, Mrs Ng's really funny. I can't deny that I miss Ms Koh's style of teaching, I guess I am more used to it, but Mrs Ng is amazing too! Yeah, we did SEA History.... Hmmm, doesn't seem too cheem! I hope it doesn't get more difficult as the year progresses, fingers crossed!
Chineeeeese was terrible la Laoshi made us do a 1000 word ji xu wen, SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!? I mean I don't doubt his good intentions, but I will never do ji xu wens EVERRRR. My biao da is sooooo bad I can't string a proper sentence of Chinese. Aiyaaaah. I think my compo went quite terribly in the end, but oh well. I'm telling you I will never choose to do this questions, honestly.

Recess with da fraaaanz, English was really slack. Hahaha. Talked to Claris about church and stuff, and then did a little bit of work, hmmm. It was slack. Nuff said, hehe, did a lot of rubbish.
Chem lab! Magsim wasn't here, so we had lab by Mrs Low & Mrs Chong :-) It was quite pleasant, it felt as though we were in lower sec though, Mrs Low treated us a little too much like lower sec girls, but she explained the entire SPA in such depth it made the procedure easy HAHAHA. :-) I liked her when she taught 2I in 2010! So yes, it was pretty nostalgic, but the practical was quite boring hehehe no cool reactions/lighting of bunsen burners or anything, but it was manageable :-) FUN LA HAHAHAHA. I wish Mrs Low did our SPAs with us :P Like she does, but like I wish she taught us how to do them :P

Lunch was alright, SS! HAHAHA I LOVE MS KOH. Did some SEQ thingy, I think I'm showing more interest towards SS than I ever have! I think the topics are more interesting as well, and Ms Koh is more structured! Like History lessons last year (: YA SO NOT BAD!

After school, hung out with guidey friends for a while before walking to KAP! On my, as Mrs Lau calls it, "date" :P NO LA HAHAHA REALLY. It was quite fun hahaha, caught up and stuff okay won't blog about it! I think I only ever told Mrs Lau & Jess about this :P SKIP! Walked back to school to return Nic her umbrella, left school with them! (:
Studied Bio tonight! Going to do my differentiation now! :-)