Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Its been the first two days of the week and I'm dead beat. Physically, emotionally drained. I'm going to start with my thanksgiving, to lighten up the mood a little so this post will not be all too depressing.

1. I actually got an A1 for my Chinese Os. I couldn't even believe it okay, I was freaking out for it before that, because chinese has always been my weakest link, and I was fidgeting just waaaay too much during class. But I can't believe it, I really couldn't believe how amazing God is. I mean, to jump from a C5 for EOYs to an A1, it does not only take effort, but it is nothing short of a small miracle. Yup, thank God, really. :')
I sort of feel really motivated now, because I think if I can jump four grades for Chinese, I can jump four grades for any other subject. If I can do well for Chinese in the end, I can do well for anything I set my mind to. (er, except maybe higher Chinese, as that is a different story altogether)

2. Seeing the class of 2011 doing so well for Os, seeing all those seniors going up on stage because of their exemplary grades really motivates me to do well. I need to work hard, I want my 9A1s (& er, 1 B4 haha). That is my ultimate goal for Os, 9A1s!!!!!!!!!!! (Last year, I remember talking to Mrs Lau about Os and she went all "I WANT TO SEE YOU UP ON STAGE AH" hahahaha). Good job, MG ;-) y'all did so wellllll. History being the best humans o yeah buuuuurn (other than Chinese Lit. LOL)

I must not be complacent I must not be dumb I must work hard.

4. I felt really touched by Jess's whatsapp just now. Heh. :') I think after being rather alone for a week + because my usual text buddy whom I confide in everything to is quite busy now I've been feeling really listless and directionless. But I think her whatsapp really made my day haha small things like these. (: Please take care of yourself though.

I need to work on my History research + Physics after this, I am dead beat. I think this has been a rather draining and emotional two weeks for all the Sec 4 girls in MG at the very least as evident from our depressing tweets HAHA. Just count on God, and I know that's something I've been struggling with because recently I've just been asking Him like, why. Why liddat HAHA, but I think we all must know that He has a bigger plan for all of us than we can imagine, and like, you just have to trust that things will work out with Him somehow.

That is something I really have to learn to do. I hope God sorts things out. Is it too much to say that I miss yooouuuuu ://////

Webstagram is down I cannot upload my photos :-(  Oh yay its back up!