Monday, January 16, 2012



Monday was alright. Today was alright. It was a really long day, what with school ending at 2.40 and all, but nonetheless, it was alright. I finished all my homework today, 2 Math worksheets worth + SS SBQ. I think that's all the homework we have to do by Wednesday. Also, I revised Chem - ABS - which was good! Getting started! Went for Math tuition after school today as well :-) YUP I need practice for trigo.

Lessons today were okay as well, despite the classroom being the equivalent of a sauna because it was soooo hot today :-( Today was a really hot day grrrr, Jess was raging at the sun HAHA. But yeah, had chinese + PE + 2 Maths + Physics (where I fell asleep/nodded off for about fifteen minutes, but subsequently was sufficiently awake to survive the remainder of the lesson.) yaaarrrr. Okay okay day. Not too bad. Finally got down to saving Keren's number. She is not Keren Tan *emoji kissyface* KEREN KISSYFACE hahahaha okay, bus-ed home with her today :-)

Finished all my homework today because..... Tomorrow I'm going for Fellowship of Burning Hearts!!!! 7.30, can't wait omg really. Jess helped me plan my route there today HAHA I'm not good with MRTing for the simple reason that I don't like to. Can't wait to spend more time with God, really. I think this is taking a step forward and putting God before all my schoolwork and nerd tendencies!! I'm quite certain that this will be a really good encounter, and a good time with the God I love + the churchies I love (': Can't wait to see all of them, don't want to wait till Saturday heeeee. Really thankful for my church friends, they are amaaaaazing really (':

I AM TIRED NOW okay I have some random Chinese test tomorrow + Bandage meeting in the morning, I'll brainstorm on the way to school! When my brain is clearer, probably. I hope tomorrow will be good. Having dindin with Krissypoo before Burning Hearts! Yayz. Fun fun.