Wednesday, January 9, 2013

i had fun today, sort of.

went to school after watching half an hour of ellen and getting ready at home today. It was quite early okay, I had to leave the house to get to school between 10 to before I had to leave for AC to meet Mrs Choo. Basically went back in the morning to talk to her because she had free time HAHA. Talked about a lot of random things, and then left for AC after much contemplation. thankful to have someone to listen to my ranting haha.
met sidd & loke at ACSI, finding them sitting on their school field drinking KOI HAHA it was pretty hilarious. Walked to ACJC, or rather, walked along the perimeter of ACJC before finally finding the main entrance because Sidd was all "I told you I know where ACJC is, but I didn't say I knew where the main entrance is!!!!" randomly latched onto a group that was on a school tour, watched performances and went around the school.
I could give you a tour of MG.
we eventually settled at a bench by the school track, just talking. those boys can really talk HAHA. Going to RJ's open house with the two retards on saturday, sidd owes loke & I ice cream if we both manage to get 8 A1s tomorrow :-) thankful for the idiots, they really made my afternoon despite them passing mean comments and hiding from half of their seniors HAHA.

I can't imagine assimilating into yet another unfamiliar environment. indeed, it will be different.

went back to mg yet again, this time, to help Mrs Loh sort out report books. It was alright, just that the names started blurring into one another after a while. had help from qi, andrea, sal & grace, but it was kind of a one man job because I only had one name list. I was tired and a little cranky then, at least it was raining and all, so the weather was pretty good.
Mrs Loh was really sweet though, before i left she gave me hugs and told me that whatever happens tomorrow, i tried my best and that's enough. and that she wanted to see me after i get my results back tomorrow. thankful thankful thankful, nonetheless.

the decisions i have to make after tomorrow, i wish you were still here to help me make them. i could've swore you would.
i'm oddly calm, and I have been since after the whole Os ended. God's peace. because really I haven't been thinking too much about it, I haven't had one Os results dream yet. His assurance. maybe it'll only hit me tomorrow. but He has everything planned out for me.