Tuesday, January 29, 2013

second day of intense visitation week before JC starts, today. :-) went back after lunch, at about 12+ today because grace, char & natty were going to speak for the lit sem/talk thingy at 3. so Mrs Choo came out with STACKS of essays (ok fair enough it was only 2 essays but she printed for like the whole level so it was a mountain mmm). 
sat outside the staffroom playing the guitar :-) Char's so good hahaha she was playing Safe & Sound and doing the cool plucking thing for the intro aaaahhh I super need to practice more. My fingertips are going to be q ugly after a while but it's okay. it was a good time just chilling and strumming and trying to get the finger positionings for the chords right. yay yay yay :-) went down to get some food (i ate cereal at 2.30pm and I was very happy) before going up to the chapel for the lit thingy. mega thankful for the super good company, gonna miss char a lot a lot A LOT esp since she was my table partner and hence can take all my nonsense on a daily basis & gracey of course :') 

made grace play turning page on the piano for me, and my two unbelieving friends have finally realised that twilight soundtracks are GOOD despite the suckiness of the actual movies. anyway it sounded quite bad when I told them that turning pages was "the song that they played when bella & edward were having sex (in breaking dawn part I)" hence we referred to it as the "sex song" and it sounded bad when grace & char were telling Mrs Choo "edlyn's making me play the sex song on the piano" yep. 
the lit thing was v funny hahahaha it was really nice seeing qi andrea elinor abi kris ayn tania (even though ayn and tania did not see me waving to them) :-)))) so much love for my wonderful juniors :') and it was q funny seeing my friends go up on stage and talk lit HAHAHA. + Mrs Choo & her huge ego. aaaaah gonna miss all this so much. 
hung around after school for a bit after, talked about JCs (ok i'm excited but at the same time scared x8109840 because I'll be facing hoards of geniuses every day of my life starting friday) and subject combis (BCML/BCMH or maybe even BCME aaah) q cool how Mrs Choo will know who I'm talking about in conversations without me mentioning the name(s) of people aaah so thankful for her too :') 

going back to school tomorrow at 7.40 ikr what.
all because i want to watch Lim Qi Min dance for TDD.