Sunday, January 27, 2013

youth chapter


I, 4I :')

youth chapter was fun :')
It was great to see everyone (not everyone turned up, but I got to see who I wanted to see anyway, mostly) T'was a great time of catching up, playing games that included Queen of Sheba, which was pretty hilarious because we sent up Kristin for "quickest hair braid-er" and she has never braided hair before in her life, and we sent Char up for sexiest HAHAHAHA to which Sam commented, "I think we just sent up the anti-sexy" & we had this revision game HAHAHAHAHA forgot a lot of things already, how to go to JC aaaah. Okay anyway
Food was good too, we were stuffing our faces with swesens ice cream, sandwiches, a variety of savoury pastries, doritos, fishballs and brownies (yeah we ate a loooooot)
we released balloons into the sky - the balloons were of course, in school colours: blue and gold - a symbolic act of sorts. doodling on the balloons were really fun HAHA, and before we released the balloons into the sky, 4I tied all our balloons together, supposedly another symbolic act, but nonetheless q sweet la :') right after we released our balloons, we all whipped out our phones to insta the hipster moment HAHAHA

all in all, I'm so so so so thankful to God to have placed me in MG, going to MG will always be like going home. I'm so thankful for all the relationships fostered, the bonds strengthened and the lessons learnt. eternally grateful for my MG family ♡
thank You.

gonna miss my pittas/lunch buddy