Monday, January 28, 2013


basically spent the whole day in school, without my voice :-( it actually worsened today, aaaah, to the point where my teachers are all going "your voice is dying", and Mrs Choo was like "please stop talking, I feel pain for you" HAHA.

anyway, the first thing I did in school was to re-volunteer myself to do math for Mrs Hor, so whilst I was sitting outside the staffroom, working my way through the Sec 2 Pythagoras & Trigo questions, Mrs Choo got me to go upstairs to call her Sec 1 class down to lab 2.2 for lessons (they asked me questions like, why don't you have to wear school u, and what do I have to bring downstairs HAHA). Hung around in the lab talking while waiting for her Sec 1s to come down, hung around for a while after they started lesson before going back to the benches to collate order forms for her HAHA.
Math + order forms + Chouster got to school! :-) Mrs Leong got us to help out a bit with ice cream sticks, so Chou did the ice cream sticks while I did math, and after a while we went down to eat! :-) Gonna miss school food. Met the GB girls when we went back up, Berenice was filling me in about scary RJ orientation & Raffles matters, since we're both probably going in. Needless to say, I'm scared. Mrs Loh got me to go down for lunch with her, which I did :-) she was eating & telling me stories about her sons, hehe I'm q excited for Saturday :-)))) Jovan & Anson sound super adorbz! And I'm super thankful for Mrs Loh :') she bought me starfruit juice with added salt omg it was so salty. It's supposed to be good for my voice (or lack thereof)

by the time I got upstairs, after Mrs Loh was done eating, grace got to school after her brunch :-) talked a bit, went into the staffroom to help Mrs Tan check graphic calculators, supposedly our new best friends come the start of the semester on Friday HAHA. They were q cool ok they were like smart phones in calculator form. anyways, after we were done with that, grace & chou went downstairs w Ms Ho to have lunch. I stayed upstairs to do math since I've already been to the canteen twice HAHA.
safe to say that I'm doing more e math than I did during the Os period HAHAHA. Mrs Choo came out and sat down w me and she was sighing and sighing because she had more stuff to collate HAHA. helped her collate a bit before going back to math.
aft chouster & grace came back up for lunch, we went into the staffroom to start on the deco! we realised that no amount of blutack would work + we couldn't find the 3M thingy (HAHAHAHA Mrs Choo was so funny when she was using the walkie talkie, erryone was kinda ignoring her today la HAHA). So I accompanied Mrs Choo down to the bookshop to get some mounting tape + we detoured to the canteen because she wanted to get a drink + she bought me watermelon juice because, again, it's supposed to be good for my lack of vocal abilities HAHA. mmmmm. I find it rly funny that Mrs Choo can speak all kinds of dialect but she cannot rly speak chinese HAHAHA.
we worked on the deco while the teachers were out for their Monday meetings. it was a good time, we were just chilling, folding paper cranes, arranging things, and the whole staffroom was empty hehe. we got chased out when they needed the tables for meeting, but sokay, because when we went outside, xuannie & en helped me with the folding of the paper cranes (ok they were q new to folding paper cranes so I had to help them out but it was nice la they are such qtps) did up most of the deco, minus the putting it up part, before heading back home.

t'was a good day, spent practically the whole day in school. Somehow, time passes by really quickly when we're in school. going back 12ish tomorrow, grace & char have their lit seminar tomorrow HAHA Mrs Choo didn't want me to go up and give a motivational talk like they are (together w nat) because I give the least politically correct answers. ever, i think. hahahaha anyway it's gonna be a good day spent at school tomorrow, I'm q sure.