Monday, January 7, 2013

week 1

hello, we had a staycation @ MBS yesterday (& today, because we stayed over.)

We went for a swim in the infinity pool, and came to the conclusion that the infinity pool is not a very nice place to swim. If you feel like soaking in the water, having a really good aerial view of central Singapore, yes, it would definitely be a good place, though. Stacy and I were trying to get tanner, desperately shoving our bare arms toward the sunlight, haha!
After we bathed and got rid of all the chlorine (we had to take turns bathing, the four of us. While we were waiting for each other to be done, we were watching New Year's Eve, the movie I watched with Liz two years ago, on New Year's Eve. It was a really sweet movie), we walked down to Marina Square for dinner! Had a good dinner of Kimchi Ramen yummmmmmm, and then bought a juice drink at Bux, while Liz & Stace got fraps (Liz was so happy when she found out they still had Toffee Nut, even the cashier was really amused by her reaction).
I think there are times I really take living in Singapore for granted. I left my bag behind at the foodcourt by accident, and when we found out about half an hour later, we rushed up to the food court, and thank God, it was still there. I don't think it would have been the same if we were in any other country. Anyway, something to be thankful for mmm.
We walked back on the Helix bridge, being tourists in our own country and taking photos of the Singapore skyline. We also went up to the skypark and stared down from the 56th level at the highways running through Singapore, the planes landing and taking off in the distance, taking in gardens by the bay at night, the CBD at night. It's actually really pretty. Typical tourists stuff. We even found out our bearings, in which direction Northern, Southern, Eastern & Western Singapore were in. Pretty amazing night. When we got back to our hotel room, we powered up Liz's laptop and watched High School Musical 1 (I've watched this so many times, I am not ashamed to admit that I know half of the lines.) I kinda knocked out cold at about 1+, after we watched Bet On It in HSM2, and missed 21 Jumpstreet. Haha! Oh well

say hello to the tourist bear

back from the pool (:

bux juice drink!

Singapore @ night

helix bridge (:

rainbow popcorn!

Woke up earlier than the other two boobs the next morning, lazed around in bed and checked my phone and all. Got up, finally, to shower, and Stace's mom came shortly after with breakfast! A fatty breakfast indeed - hot milo & a hashbrown from macs, Liz had a sausage mcmuffin, Stacy, hotcakes. We had to check out soon after, so we took our polaroids, packed up our things and said goodbye to the room :-(
Stacy's mom was so kind as to buy us breakfast & drop liz outside wheelock & drop me along bukit timah road! We found out about the release of the Os results confirmation date thingum in the car, and we pretty much freaked out. My twitter timeline freaked out, well. Pretty exciting stuff, I guess! It's confirmed that our results are going to be released this thursday, the tenth of January, and I'm scared.
When I got to school, I went up to the usual hobo spot to put my things down before going down for lunch with Grace, Sal & Ms Lau :-) The 4D girls were visiting, and they just so happened to be talking to Mrs Choo when I went up to put my things down and Mrs Choo was like "EDLYN! I expect an apology." and then went on telling the 4D girls about how I didn't believe her when she told me results are coming out on thursday and how she ignored me on whatsapp after that (she did HAHA, after i was all "why you lie to meeeee :(" or something.)
Anyway, lunch was good, catching up and learning disturbing things about Nat in Turkey *wiggles eyebrows* and enjoying school food, HAHA! It was a fun time, thanks Ms Lau for the drinks :-) Retreated upstairs after that, and we began cutting out shapes and stuff for some Math activity for Mrs Hor. It was tough work cutting along all those lines, not gonna touch a pair of scissors anytime soon man. It was kind of fun in a sense though, made Grace & Sal listen to the 1D song Stace & Liz were blasting at 3AM (I didn't hear it because i was out cold, they played it for me this morning) HAHA. It was catchy and it got stuck in my head, meh. Min En & Min Xuan were so cute, they helped us cut out the math things. When Sal told Min En she was bored and had nothing much to do, Min En was like "I know what you can do! You can help me do this (points to her math assessment book)" HAHAHAHA super cheeky okay.
Mrs Choo got me to accompany her upstairs to return her Sec 1s their handphones, and I made her listen to the 1D song too. "I never really liked them" and then I played the song for her and she was like "I've heard this before" and "Who's voice is this? Harry Styles' right?" I didn't even know man HAHAHAHAHAHA quite funny la. Climbed up to the fourth level while she told me stories to find out that her class wasn't there. On the way down to the music room to look for them, we ran into her students so yayyy.
After that, walked around school a bit, talked to juniors, like we were at the trellis talking to Wei Lin, got to talk to Qi for a bit before the doob had to rush off for tuition, meh, she finished the puzzle without meeeeeee. Doing usual visitation things. Got to play with Sal's iPad, and I delighted myself with Fix It Felix Junior, ITS SUCH A CUTE GAME I SWEAR. AAAAH got to level nine and then the birds that were flying all around killed me :((((( & Fruit Ninja too hehehehe. Such a child, but okay, playing games on the iPad is fuuuuun!!!!
Hung around a bit before going home and going for a 4.5k run in the flaming hot sun, whooosh. today is such a hot day.

Famous Amos cookies from Mrs Loy & Mrs Ho! :')

Ex Sec 4s, current Sec 3s, cutest ever :') 

Results are going to come out soon, urggggh. To say that I'm completely confident would be lying, but I've had so much peace the last few weeks/months, I wasn't the least bit scared until they confirmed the date and everything became so real. Times like these, I have to trust that God has the best plan for me, for all of us, and stop worrying because it won't help. Mmmm. 

Anyway, here are the overdue instas from OC,

chillin with nik before assembly

 CCA fair madness!!!!!
 my bbs :*

my hoooome, always.

Goodnight, going back to school tomorrow to help out with some more cutting of things, and uh possibly paint Mrs Choo's nails for her HAHA.