Friday, January 11, 2013

decision making

decisions, decisions

went back to school this morning with charmaine to talk to Mrs Choo. mainly, Char consulted her because I am, sort of, pretty set on going to Raffles. It was still fun talking anyway, passed her the huge card (that she shamelessly asked from me last night) I stayed up to finish! I'm still a bit undecided about my subject combi because of what she said, but aaaaah.
it was fun seeing my other teachers too :-) I really really really will miss them because they are the best bunch. seriously, i've gotten to talk to so many of them, and they're such a sweet bunch.
today was like insult edlyn day because they were all JUDGING ME. OKAY Grace, Char and Sal!?! they kept saying I was strange. Mrs Choo was still the best because she's been going around telling everyone I have a boyfriend alamak I DON'T and she told me that I should wait until the last minute to submit my JAE application in case I get a higher calling to join the nunnery (then she took it back, saying that I probably wouldn't be able to sign some form saying i would abstain from boys ?!?!?!?! sigh HAHA). issokay still love her and my dear friends sigh. HAHA.
been whatsapping my doobs, i really think school will be so different without megan & jiayi. We're all heading to different schools, probably, and it's q sad :(((( I'm gonna miss them so much.
RJ open house tomorrow with sidd & loke! (: let's see how this goeeessss