Saturday, January 5, 2013

orientation camp 2013

had the super honour of going back to help out for this year's orientation camp - I've helped out at more orientation camps than I've been to orientation camps HAHA (2 v 1) and I'm so mega tired, but the whole thing was super rewarding and it was so so much fun, I would do it all over again if I could. The past three days have been the best, I love MG so much :')

Yesterday, got to school at about 5pm, and managed to see all the juniors + the campers & the PBSLs at the bamboo courtyard, the juniors doing work or going around spraying random campers with waterguns, Clara's being the biggest HAHA, and the campers & PBSLs playing/running the games. Talked to the juniors and nearly died at Kristine's and Ayn's bimbotic conversation, it was HILARIOUS, oh gosh. It was a good time just watching the campers and talking to the juniors
Embarked on a journey around school with Kristine and Qi while they were waiting for their parents - dragged them all around school because I miss walking around school aimlessly, I used to do that when I was studying and trying to cram things into my head. Anyway. Settled down at the usual hobo spot eventually because Qi the old lady was getting tired walking all around school. Met Mrs Loh outside the staff room, and accompanied this poor girl to take her things to go home and stuff. Qi tried telling her a joke, but it didn't exactly work out hahahahaa :s went down to the concourse after accompanying the girl, to wait for Kris & Qi's parents to pick them up before going back to the camp.
Walked up after, and had to lead another girl to the toilet at the art gallery to bathe. Andddd then we had dinner. Jewed off the extra food there, it was like fried rice, hash browns and a chicken drumstick EVERYTHING WAS FRIED AAAH omg Mrs Loh said she was gonna eat cup noodles and I was like I waaaant but she wouldn't let me not eat proper food. Mmh. Wasted rice, as usual ah *guilt*

They went up after dinner for a briefing on the preparation for the campfire item + night games. Shortly after, went around the classrooms checking on the OGs with Mrs Loh & Mrs Ho. Since another poor sick girl had to be sent back, I accompanied her to take her things and go down to the concourse to wait for her parents and all. Mrs Chen was there too and I was quite glad for that because she was making small talk with the girl and hence there were no extended periods of awkward silence HAHA. After the girl left, went back up again to the hall to look for Mrs Loh! :-)
For night games, the hall was supposedly the 'jail' but Mrs Loh was like omg this is quite a fun jail HAHAHA because they were just sitting down and telling jokes and everything, there weren't exactly any forms of punishment. HAHA. Mrs Loh called home, and she was talking to Jovan and everything HAHAHA her kids are soooo cute she showed us videos of them just now, Mrs Ho & I, outside the staffroom earlier on in the evening. YUP!
I'm always thankful for the fact that all MG camps constitutes of worship & devotion sets because it's like so aaahhh after a long day, and it's also refreshing to start a new day by worshipping God and reading His word la! I'm really gonna miss mission school environments. Anyway, we had worship after everyone reported back to the hall after night games. Left after they finished their devotions, and Mrs Loh debriefed them for the night!

This morning, I got to school at about 7, and hung around outside Nik's class just talking and chilling and waiting for assembly to start and all that. Hehehe. I miss doing that - sitting outside class and stuff, not that I really did it towards the second half of the year, but before that. It's really a Sec 4 thing, aaah so blessed. Went for flag raising! Felt so happy to be singing the school song again, I think I'll really miss it. I'll just miss MG so much aghagh. Mmm yeah it was a bit awkward though because I didn't exactly blend in haha! But all in all, I haven't had flagraising in ages :')
Proceeded to the auditorium after that, and the sec 1s kinda got a lecture/scolding of sorts from Mrs Loh pertaining to their behavior. I always wonder if I were ever like that in Sec 1, trapped in my own bubble and being an irresponsible doof. But I guess it did them good, it set the tone right for them for the rest of the year, and their attitudes mellowed down for the rest of the day. Sat in the PA room and observed the whole thing. The PA room reminds me of the hours and hours of bandage rehearsals, ah such good times :') After the lecture, though, they got to go eat their breakfast - Mcmuffin & Milo, Mrs Loh's really trying to fatten her Sec 1s up HAHAHA. Just stole a milo packet though, who can turn down milo, right.

CCA FAIR!!!!!! Was mega fun HAHAHA I met Loui & Charchar, who were both manning the SALT booth and I got to catch up a bit with Loui, followed her around a bit when she was trying to gather members from SALT! As per all MG CCA Fairs, there were so many stickers. HAHA. Clara stuck photog stickers on me, Ayn & Mrs Choo stuck guides stickers on my face like seriously I was going around with one photo on each cheek and one on my forehead (Mrs Choo took one look at me and laughed, and erryone was probably judging me HAHAHA), Erica & Deborah spammed random stickers on my shirt, and Loui and I took some guitar stickers from En En. WHOA. HAHAHA STICKERFEST. But it was fun seeing them go hyper for the CCAs (something I never was too enthusiastic about HAHA), especially Qi being pushed around on a trolley, randomly strumming the guitar because she has NO IDEA how to play the guitar, going "JOIN GB GB GB GB GB" HAHAHAHA. Whoa I miss being Sec 1/helping out for these kinda CCA fairs. Transferred all the stickers into my diary :')
Stoned outside the staff room a bit after that, trying to write some more letters (I didn't finish them last night sigh I feel so bad aiya), but eventually followed Mrs Loh up to the hall to watch the MASS DANCE!!!! Mass dancing is SL tradition, omg. And they did a pretty good job with Hoedown Throwdown, really admire the effort they put into learning the song because it was quite fast. It was fun to watch them dance hehehehe ^_^ Then I went down to have lunch, ate for a while with the 4G girls before they had to leave for classes.

The next bit of the afternoon was when the Sec 1s were having their DISC talks and stuff, and Mrs Loh & I just sat in for the whole thing at the audi. It was quite funny to see the sec ones learn about the DISC stuff for the first time. Mrs Loh & I just sat at the back, chilled, watched them, and Mrs Loh did some work after she brought her laptop down from the staffroom. The last time I checked, I was an ISC, which was a pretty cool blend hehe (: It was quite an enjoyable time because the speaker was really amusing and animated and stuff, and Mrs Loh and I were doing a lot of random things as well. It was a good afternoon spent (:
During mass games, I was with the teachers who just got allocated their classes, and their reactions were so funny, scrutinizing their namelists and all that. Went to put up the class lists at the bamboo courtyard. It eventually began raining, so we all proceeded to the audi. Before getting settled there, there was a lot of running around and making sure that the right things were in the right places for Mrs Loh, phew, exercise! After the Sec ones found out their classes, I went up to crash Mrs Choo's class HAHAH. Like every other lesson, Mrs Choo gets carried away talking and always finishes past time. Helped to give out the forms, just sat in and listened. The funniest part of the whole thing was that, after Mrs Choo had been talking for like twenty minutes or something, she asked if anyone had questions. The first girl that put her hand up went - "What's your name?" HHAHAHAHAH CRYING I was trying so hard not to laugh really hard HAHAHA. FUNNEHHHH.

Helped to serve for dinner, but I was tired so I dropped like two cream puffs AAAH HAHAHAHA. Everything was fried HAHA. Aiyo. Ate with the teachers, Mrs Chen got us food and she got like so much food Mrs Choo & I just shared a plate. I usually hate beehoon like ugh i hate it, but today I finished all my beehoon because Mrs Choo didn't want to finish her food so I was like okay I must finish my beehoon and you must finish your food. Mmmh. Dinner story. Ushered everyone into the audi. My phone died so I went up to charge my phone at Mrs Choo's workstation. Super sweet because she put all the notes I gave her up on her noticeboard (which were not a lot, like uh 2 or 3) but she even put up the one that I stuck on my essay to get her to help me to mark it HAHAHA awwwww. Waited for her to walk down, it was kinda scary.
Went down for a bit to the audi, only to walk up again to sort out IP stuff at the pantry area for Mrs Loy! Mrs Choo came up to get panadol and help us work the photocopier, so we started telling her stories about EE, both ours' & Qi's HAHAHAHA. Eventually, we were joined by Mrs Loy and Mrs Ho, and we just let them chill while we helped them sort out out the files, and I helped Mrs Loh sort out her forms, and we were just talking about random things and sharing stories and looking at past yearbooks again. We have come to the conclusion that Mrs Ho has an odd taste HAHAHAHA. It was such a fun night, well spent talking to people (I JUST TYPED THIS AND I REALISED I FORGOT TO GET MRS CHOO TO TAKE HER MILO OUT OF THE FRIDGE HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHA)
Upstairs at the hall, for campfire! Well it wasn't really campfire, because we couldn't have a campfire because it was raining and everything was wet and stuff, but the Sec 3s did an amazing job handling them in the hall and keeping the energy level up. Sang along to the songs they used for their items, had a good night just hanging around and watching them do their thing ~~~

FUN TIMES AT OC, and I wouldn't have traded being Mrs Loh's elf or getting to know some of the Sec 3s or getting the chance to go back to school to serve for ANYTHING. Mrs Loh called me to thank me just now, which was really really sweet :') My teachers are the best, and I hope the sec ones make the most out of the four years they're going to have here in MG :''')