Sunday, January 13, 2013


I submitted my JAE this afternoon, I filled up six options for good measure, even though I'll only be happy if they put me into the first two schools, heh.

there you go. 
hopefully i'll be able to squeeze into the 250 spots for JAE students in RI,  though I'm a little intimidated by the size of the school, and of the student population (the number of students in one level is probably equivalent to the whole secondary school population in MG, but I guess it's the same for all JCs) 

RI open house yesterday with my two "AC bodyguards", Sidd & loke! :-) 
It was q fun going to the OH with them, mostly because they were good company. 

my new shoes from H&M \o/ I love them so much

Hamster royalty, gonna miss her sooooo much.

hahahaha i love kathy :3
we are quite the touchy sort of people. 

shared this with the bro for lunch today, yuuuum. clam chowder!

Decision-making is super tiring stuff. I didn't expect you to sound so condescending. you were always super supportive of whatever i chose to do, and talked me through making the toughest decisions  maybe that was the year before. pushing my luck while on an indecisive high.

I bought a new guitar today too! in exchange for my A1s :-) it's only coming later in the week though, because they shop is getting in a new one for me :-)
and, well.