Wednesday, January 23, 2013

what have I been doing the past few days.

I've been visiting school, visited on Monday and today. We helped out with the Bandage recess sales, they brought back more sellable items than we did when we went for ROCs 3. I remember the mad rush to hunt for a souvenir on the last day, hahaha whoops. The primary schoolers are intimidating in large groups, so we have learnt.
this morning, while I was waiting for grace, Mrs Choo made me read the newspaper (even tho i didn't want to because i am a lazy), and then "tell [her] who to vote for!" she doesn't even live there HAHA.
and then we did favours for our teachers HAHAHA it was q fun doing those favours la. Ms Kek accompanied us for two hours by doing her work outside with us before she had to go for lesson hehe ^_^ fun playing with the teachers' kids too, I enjoy talking to Mrs Ho's daughter because we're both edlyn :-) Xuannie & En are the cutest ever!
was sick for a bit on monday evening-night, but I slept for 15 hours and felt much better after that HAHA. one of the greatest lessons learnt in EE: feeling unwell/sick? just sleep. sleep until it gets better HAHA.

yesterday, liz's mom treated us to tea at marmalade pantry to celebrate liz's IGCSE grades (THANKS AUNTY YAY). So, so proud of you boob :-) your hard work and effort has paid off whoohoo! it was a good, fatty tea with fries and pasta and milkshakes. It was more of a teanner because I was so full for the rest of the night. but it was a good time pigging out and talking with the boobs :-)

this afternoon, after paying a visit to school, met stin at goodview gardens so he could give me guitar lessons :-) he taught me basic guitar theory and made me realize how hard you have to press down on the strings and my fingertips will never be the same again + it was a good time catching up with him! (:

prolly gonna go out to town because i need to get stuffs + watch silver linings (alone HAHA but it doesn't matter!) tomorrow :-) i just really want to watch silver linings again ok.
gg back to school on friday with chou & grace :-)

my week.