Friday, January 11, 2013

results day

this day, 10 Jan 2013, was so so so surreal. And I'm so so so amazed by His faithfulness and His provision. How I did for Os, it really went beyond how well I expected to do, and there was seriously seriously no way I could have got what I did if it weren't for God, like aaaaah. 

got to school at about 12 noon, hung around and waited for meggie & jiayi or for any of my dear classmates to appear in school. Went up to the staffroom with Char & Kristin when they came, and hung around. Got to talk to Mrs Choo, mostly, and I'm so mega thankful for her. she didn't just look at my lit grades but she looked at all my subs so hahahaha omg the wait was a bit killer AAAH. 
chapel was so good because we sang all the calming songs :') And I finally got to see all my classmates again and it was just so good. Singing God's sovereignty over all our grades and our futures - definitely something I'm going to miss so much once I leave MG. Ultimately, God has our futures all planned out - a perfect plan, nonetheless - and our results are just His way of directing us to the path He has laid out for us! 
going into the hall was so unnerving, I clapped so hard when they announced all the subject MSGs. I'm so so so happy for the full history MSG, a 1.4 if i remember correctly, WE HAVE DONE WELL MY FELLOW WARRIORS AAAAH :') And omg we did well!!!!!! AAAH class of 2012 y'all make me so happy, so proud, and so glad that I went up a year instead of staying in my own cohort (i love my juniors endlessly too but see i get to make friends with two age groups instead of just one) 

I really really really really thank God that I did well. Especially for my Higher Chinese, like seriously during the paper I was like ugh so sian let me give up and I just whacked my stupid compos and everything and I did so much better than I expected and SERIOUSLY IT'S ALL GOD BECAUSE MY CHINESE IS CRAP I did 20% of my chinese homework for this year (sorry laosh thanks so much though really really)  AAAAH.
After handing out the results aaah I LOVE MY TEACHERS SO MUCH they came and congratulated me, Mrs Liow was mega cute she came up to me and was all "congrats edlyn!!!! you did so well! aaah can I hug you?!" Best bio teacher I've ever gotten in my life I swear, she's the best :') And Mr Ling & Mrs Tee (Mrs Tee's the sweetest Math teacher, seriously, super nice and v patient when she explains problems to us). Aaah was super happy to see Mrs Lau, spazzed and she gave me a hug :') Eventually just settled and sat at Mrs Choo's counter talking to her and watching people thank her HAHAHA. OH OH Mrs Loh texted me i think she saw me in the hall and aah i called her after everything and i was so happy when i saw her downstairs :'))) i love Mrs Loh, she's so sweet :''") ALSOOOO MY JUNIORS thank you guys for all your hugs and EVERYTHING I'm glad I made y'all proud, it's time for all of you to make me proud :))) Gonna wanna go back to watch them get their results back and cheer so loud. Nik, Abi, Ayn, Graces, Qi, Elinor, Andrea, I love y'all so so much :'''') Teared a bit because I'm going to miss my teachers and juniors so much. you guys are such blessings, really. Everyone should just come to MG because the MG family is the best you'll ever have. 

You can take the girl out of MG, but you can't take MG out of the girl. 

spent a bit of time with char, shelbs, keren & andrea. I'm so proud of my classmates, so proud of everyone. and finally left school to go to ION to meet liz & stace! otw out, met Mrs Choo at the concourse so we just stood there talking until she realised she hired her cab(s) wrongly. so we walked down the hill tgt which was super funny because Mrs Choo is someone who CABS to KAP HAHAHAHA. anw really thankful for her :') best best BEST lit teacher, and someone I can really talk to! :') 
Swensens with Stace, Liz, Steffi & Stace's mom was really really nice :') AAAAH HAHAHA Steffi is so funny!!! liz talked about school and WW (Welcome Week) and we talked a bit about Os results, all whilst eating ice cream and swensens' fries nom nom nom!!!!! walked around ION a bit with stace & liz before going home!!!! I love you guys, aaaah so proud of my qtpies, Stace, Jiayi, Meggie & Reenah :***** ENDLESS KISSES HAHA.

I'm so happy and so tired. going back to school tomorrow!!! this post sound super excited, wasn't typing in proper sentences but hehehe.