Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm so tired after today, I could fall sleep right now, but it was such a good day nonetheless :-)

Left the house after watching Ellen and getting ready (as usual. What's a morning like without watching Ellen hahaha)! Got to school at about 11AM, met Ayn at the trellis and passed her my (95% undone) Bio Topical TYS, and then began hunting for juniors, namely Nik & Raju to pass them my history notes! Yay! :-) Met Qi (Chee Min) & Andrea, walked around with them before their recess ended and they had to go back to class. Qi was carrying my bag around for me for the fun of it, and Andrea was insulting me by calling me an auntie because I brought along a recycling bag to put my files in :-((((
my juniors (':

Was talking to cordi about JAE stuff, because she was back to look for teachers, until Mrs Choo came out of the staffroom and requested company to the printing room. She also began to tell Cordi how she would totally send me to a nunnery for the good of others. Mmmm. Aiya ok so I walked with her to the printing room and she was telling me stories of slipping through the narrow gap between the pillar and the lockers, a shortcut to get to the printing room instead of having to walk around the lockers (Hahahah MG girls will understand) HAHAHA.
talked to her a bit outside the staffroom until sal & grace came, and then we went downstairs for lunch (I'll miss canteen food la haha), and then we went up and talked about our JAE choices, the future, lalalala. I still don't understand how they expect sixteen year olds to be able to know what they want to do with their lives, it's quite hard okay. Said hi to our teachers, to our juniors. :') I love the MG family with all my heart. A lot of MG girls are heading to ACJC this year, aaah, but there's quite a number who applied to Raffles too :-)
I think Mrs Choo loves to make fun of me srsly HAHA. She told Ms Koh they shoulda left me at the concentration camp last year HEY (to which Ms Koh replied, she had to bring me back so I could contribute to the number of A1s for history HAHAHAHA). So funny watching her terrorize the qtps hehehe I love the teachers' kids, they're soooo adorable.

Spent the rest of the time before I had to leave school playing with Min Xuan & Min En!!!! Min Xuan is sooooo cute, I was like some human slide for her teddy bear (she brought it to school for her show and tell). And with the same teddy bear, we played catch. (remind me not to let Min Xuan prod me with her poor bear ever again) love the little kiddos though, sooooo cute.
talked to qiqi a little after her HCL outside the staffroom, before leaving for orchard at 3.50 from school! Thing is, we decided to meet at Star Vista instead, SO I had to get from orchard to Buona and omg I got there in 15 minutes, took a U turn and bus-ed down to Holland V, and took the circle line (1 stop) to Buona Vista \\\\o//// (tip this is how you get to buona from orchard without having to take the whole green line)
Met the animals at Subway :))))) Where Dottie & Kathy had their dinner while Hammy was writing her thank you letters! I bought a subway cookie yum yum (conclusion: hamster knows me pretty well.)
And then we had froyo & sofries hehehe. had a good 1.5h with my animals just talking and eating :') hammy was having so much fun making fun of my eyes + making kathy feel uncomfortable with her chewing pattern HAHAHAA

my animals :****** love you guys sah much :')
Hahaha, to put it as kathy did: "you're jess's hamster and jess is my hamster" HAHAHA. 

hammy gave us all friendship bracelets :') gonna miss my prince so much, but God has so much in store for her whoooo! 

lesson of the day: blueberry froyo is always pink.
be safe, don't freeze and become a hamsicle, take care of yourself, I love you hamster :*