Saturday, January 5, 2013

new year's resolutions

these may be a little late, but I haven't exactly had the time to think about them, so here are my New Year's Resolutions on the 5th of January (let's see how many I can keep):

1. Spend more time with God - be it in prayer, or reading His word. Because what could matter more, right?
2. Run at least once a week
3. Swim at least once a week (even when JC starts for 2 and 3)
4. Lay off fried food as much as possible (this isn't very hard to begin with because I hate eating fried food)
5. Tone down the gossiping & talking about other people, sigh.
6. Work consistently hard in JC
7. Visit MG often, because you don't forget your home, the place you grew up; and you don't forget your family - your friends, your teachers, your juniors who have seen you through the highest points and the toughest times.
8. Be nicer to people I cannot stand (= have more patience towards others)
9. break the bad habit (this is one I confirm plus chop will not be able to keep. already broke it la what am I saying HAHA)
10. l e t  g o

that is all, for now.