Thursday, January 31, 2013


so I received this when I woke up and turned my phone on this morning,

my honeymoon period, having unlimited freedom (I've been going out everyday since december mmm HAHA) constantly visiting MG is over :-( I'm going to miss my juniors and my teachers SO MUCH, thank you guys for making my day, thank you guys for being such a freaking amazing family. :') I couldn't have been blessed with better teachers for my entire four years in MG, thank you for your guidance and for all your love. :') to my bbjuniors, ALL THE BEST FOR Os I love y'all so much, I'm here if you need me :') 

you can take the girl out of MG, but you can never, ever, ever take MG out of the girl. it'll always be home to me. 

last few days have been hectic, we have taken to working out math solutions, doing chemmy stuff for Mrs Lau, and yesterday I spent a total of 8 hours on my laptop editing lit essays (hahaha but Mrs Choo was whatsapping me about my awesome editing skills tyvm), our bench is always super messy because there were so many pieces of paper strewn across the tabletop HAHA. but i kinda enjoyed it a lot, busying ourselves + getting our brains moving again heheh.
accompanied Mrs Choo to RV today to watch MG's C Div badminton play HAHA managed to meet leenie in RV :') yay yay yay made my day i love you panda :* anyway spectating badminton was pretty cool + Mrs Choo knew like ALL the rules I was q amazed HAHAHA. "you're not v sporty right, apart from running and swimming" INDEED. HAHA. 

and tomorrow I'm going to school. MY OGL DID NOT CALL ME I'm q scared I'll be super lost in RJ tomorrow because the campus is HUGE. SO. BIG. OMG. HUMONGOUS. but it'll be so easy to spot MG girls because we have to report in our MG uniform heheh ^_^ cannot change in class anymore oh dear HAHAHA, gotta get re-adjusted to co-ed schools. 
above all, I hope that not being in mission school won't shake my faith. above all, this is His plan for me, this is where He wants me to be, and it's time to be His light in new circumstances, in a new environment.