Monday, December 19, 2011

And it's dark in the cold december / but i've got you to keep me warm


I hate the fact that it keeps raining and raining and raining these days, its like there is no end to the rain! Its been raining the whole of today, and I can't swim or anything :-( I'm not sure if my grandma will let me walk in the rain back home so I can run on the treadmill later. (I think she should let me la I mean my house is so so so near and its not as if I'll die halfway or anything HAHAH). Okay also, I have absolutely no confirmed plans for this week. ITS SO BORING IF I WERE TO STAY AT HOME. The only thing I'm sure I'm going to do is that I'm going to bring my brudder to the secondary school he's going to be posted to on Thursday, and that is not exactly very entertaining, albeit exciting la. I reaaaallly hope he gets into Fairfield, in case his appeal to SJI doesn't get through, but really, I don't think he's very worried. O WELL we shouldn't be worried at all because God has a plan for him no matter! :-)

Okay so I slept at 1AM last night frantically painting Christmas cards, inteeeense. I was half dead by the time I was done, I managed to finish painting some. Agh why can't I just buy cards (okay because a. I think they're ridiculously expensive b. I don't think I have a better outlet to spend my time since I am not succumbing to the temptation to study c. I think handmade cards are more heartfelt) and after I woke up this morning, I resumed painting painting painting. I think i don't want to paint anymore for a long time, my neck aches from painting and painting HAHAHA. O well, I have successfully painted 11 Christmas cards (the first one failed, there were supposed to be twelve. Experimented with the first one, you see) I think I came up with a list of eleven people, just nice, to write cards too! (minus linx cuz his card is going to have a huge cat on it therefore it will be a different scheme from the rest)

Now just to be a creepy and get their addresses >;)

OK PLEASE HOLD BACK THE RAIN FOR A WHILE while I brave the above mentioned rain + wind to get back to my condo and use the gym I WILL LOSE THAT 2KG PLZ. I can't stand being so phhhaaat. :-( TEEHEEE.