Saturday, December 31, 2011

looking back @ 2011

Hello (:

Okay, we have about 26 hours left of this year. It feels pretty surreal to have yet another year pass you by like that, and scarier when coupled with the fact that I have to take my national exams next year, that I am graduating yet again, although it feels like I just left SAPS not too long ago. But well here is a month-to-month reflection of the year that will soon pass. (I'm going to quote from my blog archives also, they help a lot when it comes to things like these! HAHA)

So when I found out I was being placed in 3I 2011, I didn't have very strong feelings about that. Like, I think I was fine with my class? I wasn't exactly ecstatic, but I wasn't upset with the people in it as well. The first few weeks in school, I spent it with my 2I pals. Like we would have some mini-reunion every morning, I think we all had withdrawal symptoms. I was getting used to Sec 3 syllabus, and coming to realise that our lower sec teachers were not kidding when they went "You'll learn this in Sec 3"
"I'm soooooooo tireeeeedddddd of being in upper sec. Like both figuratively and literally. Our homework no longer comes in handfuls, now its PILES, my math homework is virtually never done because we get new homework everyday, and there's so many school commitments."
I think at the beginning of the year I was bombarded with quite a lot of stuff. Like there was our LTC project, P1 PICNIC YAAWWW, the responsibility of being a good class chair, and also getting used to upper sec, which really is a culture shock as compared to lower sec. So I think I was quite stressed out. January is also when we usually get our off day, HAHAHA for good O level results. Its scary to think that we're the next batch doing our Os already. Hmmm :/ Anyway, I think I was beginning to have fun with lessons HAHA
Pervy Lit lesson today. Our entire class is so innocent. Nicole and I were laughing like bang table omg level, then the rest of our class was like neutral/blur face. HAHAHAHA. Mrs Choo was like, "The perverts in this block, the innocent in this one and the neutral in that one." Hahaha oh my goodness. C: So grossss. HAHAHA. "The male needs to be AROUSED. SOMETHING needs to STAND" phffffffffffff HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.
What else did we do in January! Ah, volleyball! I remember all those bruises I got on my wrists from whacking the ball repeatedly against them. HAHA. A big part of my january was spent staying back with Nat + the rest of my P1 Picnic comm bring our project to completion. And I really really enjoyed the entire process. I think through this project, my wanting to become an SL just like increased A LOT HAHAH.
Stayed back for briefing P5s/P6s and trials for them! Omg P5s/P6s or ie, Primary SLs are REALLY REALLY CUTEEEEEE. HAHAHAHA they're super funny la, they told me they wanted to run in the rain with me to get the equipment and one of them's Alisha's sister! And there's this really cute girl called... EMMA. YEAH. And this girl that bet I couldn't spell her name. Her name was Daphne. Honestly I DO know how to spell Daphne. Its easy lor HAHAHAHAH. They were telling us about their P1 buddies from this/last year! Hahahaha yeyyyy. Omg when Ms Ng was trying to intro all of us, she missed all of the rests' names except for Nat and mine. And she was like "I only remember them because remember Natalie's in my form class and Edlyn's a bit... Nevermind." LOLOL -___-.
Omg I'm honestly rather excited and nervous for P1 Picnic tomorrow because all our prep finally boils right down to this! OOO: And there are so many people in school tomorrow! Going for CIP early in the morning have no idea what I'm doing but anywayyyy KRISTIN'S COMING TO DO WITH ME HAHAHAHA WENGLIN AND NIKISO ARE DOING TOO YAYYYYY! :D (L). Despo for CIP anyhoozzzzleee.

On a whole, January was a very memorable month (: 

Then we go ahead to February.
Chinese New Year! ~ It was a good time going around relatives' houses eating my heart out, HAHA SRSLY. Even though I spent half my CNY studying - I carried around my LON notes to memorise and also I did all my homework on the second day because that is the day I spend entirely at my grandma's. So I hid out at the study to do my homework with my cousin. (:
This month, I missed the Taylor Swift concert only because I was too wimpy to ask my parents if they could sponsor the 100+$ tickets for me to go watch her. So on the night of her concert, I sat at home reading updates about her concert via tumblr and being very upset with myself for not going. HAHAHA. That was also the last night before I went on my 2 week hiatus before CT1.
This month, we had our post-mortem online (because Ms Ng was too lazy to go to school HAHAHA NO KIDDING) and it was really quite fun, woweee, my first post mortem! :-) Yup so P1 Picnic came to a close, and from then on I could only wait to see what God had in store for me, whether I was to become an SL or not. I didn't really have my hopes up yet back then, because I wasn't sure what would happen or how things would turn out. But you guys, BETA, were a wonderful bunch, a really great group to work with as I started my long journey as an SL :-)
HAHA. Anyway, thank you thank you THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH, BETA, for all the random things, all the planning, all the panicking, all the random ideas and all the laughter and fun and comm meetings and expensive sandwich machines, I love you guys, thank you for all that we've been through. Even though it rained, even though the parents may have been annoying HAHAHA, even if some things didn't go according to the plan, even though we were sooo tired after the picnic, we did the best we could, and you know what?, we did well. We did AWESOME, and I loved being your co-I/c, as much as my beloved blurhead yet very responsible and awesome SIGNIFICANT OTHER HAHAHAHA Nat loved bing your I/C, and I really appreciate everything we've put into the project. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you guys so much for the ride. (';

March began with a trending war between the Singapore schools. And I, with much school pride, played an active part thinking up some tweets myself, but mostly retweeting others :-)
#mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest #mgisthebest and you know it man. HAHA ;) Heheheh best tweets ever, SHOULD TOTALLY START TRENDING RIGHT ABOUT NOW (;
I think I did not too bad for my first common test. I could excuse myself for my bad grades nonetheless, as it was my first common test being an intense upper sec girl. (: I remember being very happy for scraping a pass for chinese. HAHAHA.
March 18th. The day we got our ROCs3 destinations, and the day that horrible earthquake + tsunami struck Japan, leading to a few tumultuous months for the Japanese as they dealt with coping with the aftermath of the disaster, as well as the Fukushima Nuclear Plant incident that would shortly follow. But anyway, at the nearly-exact same time we got our destinations, disaster struck Japan.
Its the start of the holidays, but today was rather depressing ): They released our ROCs destinations today, and I got a blue form. Which means that I didn't get into any of my three choices. No Cambodia, no Japan, NO EASTERN EUROPE. So like I cried like mad for about half an hour straight, but today I really felt a lot of love (: Thank you to all the people who comforted me and told me it was alright, and who cheered me up so much (:
Yup so I didn't make the first cut for EE and I was so disappointed. I cried and cried it was quite embarrassing and spoilt of me, but everyone cheered me up, even Mrs Loh during CCA HAHA. But when I went home and whatsapped Mrs Lau about it i almost cried again HAHAHA. But that was such a long time ago, and I thank God for the opportunity that I had to go in the end. (:
I love you guys, Claris, who was there with me when we got sort of rejected. Megan, I hope you feel better now like me. Jui, thank you (: For Wong, who was somehow there in the chapel before we left and gave me a big hug. (: Nicole, Jiayi, & Reenah, I love you guys so much, thank you for caring, going back with me to class, packing my bag and comforting me and helping me get to Infocomm in one piece. For all your tweets and texts (: For my darling infocomm clique, who cheered me up so much by passing weird comments and making me laugh. Mrs Loh, who told me that I can't get everything I want and deterred me from crying by threatening to take pictures. Tabel, for making me smile sitting with me. For Lizzie (sachikotan) who texted me and made me smile and is MSN-ing me now c: For Lizthio, who texted me to tell me the system for ROCs was screwed up and making me feel better (: Kristin, for texting me too (: For Mrs Lau who cheered me up so much by talking to me because that works all the time, love you c: Sarah & Christy for your super sweet tweets. Nicc, for texting me about my tweets c':
And I guess I really felt blessed despite the news I received that day, because there were so many people who were there to comfort me (':
BANDAGE (: I went with Lizzie, and it was sooooooo fun. Before the actual concert, Mrs Lau, Liz & I walked around the school, it was so funny. The performances for bandage were so good as well, and our gallery seats, although cheaper, turned out to be better because Liz and I were so short if we were to sit downstairs, we probably would not have seen the acts. HAHAHA, after bandage we were lalala-ing around as well. :-) It was so fun. And I'll NEVER forget Mrs Lau going: "I'm a bouncer! BOUNCE BOUNCE *and she bounced*" AHAHAHHAHA <3

To my favorite teacher, who told me never give up. To my 5th grade crush, who I thought I really loved. To the girls I missed, and the guys we kissed. To my ex-best friends, don't know how we grew apart. To my favorite band, and sing-alongs in my car. To the face, I see in my memories. To my first boyfriend, I thought for sure was the one. To my last boyfriend, sorry that I screwed it up. To the ones I loved, but didn't show it enough. To the ones who cared, and who were there from the start. To the love that left, and took a piece of my heart. To the few who'd swear, they'd never go anywhere.

We also had our ROCs3 Fundraiser! I had so so so much fun making chin chow + hotdogs with 3I (: I think we had such a good concept HAHAHA, and also, we busked! Had so so much fun! (: Even though by the time I got home I was dying. BUT YES, we raised so much money, and we were so proud of ourselves, so that day really paid off, and I hope it went a long way with our trips (that we have already went on HAHAHA)

Hehehehe <3

April was a month of extreme heartache (AHAHAH), and it was also the month I began to fall in love with ANTM. I started watching cycle 16 right about this time, and I got entirely hooked onto ANTM, I would watch 2 episodes a day (because I started watching when cycle 16 was halfway through I think!) AND I NEVER REGRETTED WATCHING ANTM EVER SINCE HEHEHE. Ya la so I went a bit mental with ANTM then. :-)
LMAO MY HYDROGEN PEROXIDE JOKE (not mine la of course but HAHAHA I couldn't stop telling it)
Taboo word of the day: Hydrogen Peroxide. Or H202. Or H20 too. Or chemists in restaurants. Or waiters. HAHAHAHAHAHHA. I'm sorry. The joke is super cool okay. Hehehe. Told it to Mrs Lau and Reenah today c: And Wong and I couldn't stop laughing when we were doing this question that involved the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide during chem (:
WE HAD CROSS COUNTRY! Okay, I really like cross country, its quite fun. This year was when they combined X with 2.4, so I finally took it seriously and ran my heart out, seriously, I thought I was gg to die HAHAHA. Ya okay so I remember X Country very distinctly this year as well because of what happened. Well yup. I remember going to Mrs Lau when I saw. HAHAHA (':
"Mrs Lau! What house are you in!"
Ran with Kristin! (: Oh gosh was dying along the way but felt really touched when the teachers were like "Go girls! Almost there!" and hahahah Mrs Choo was like "Go edlyn!!!" and Ms Ng was like "Keep it up, edlyn!" hehehe really helped (: okay so along the way I wanted to die because i was so tired and there was uphill and downhill but Kristin and I promised to each other that WE WON'T STOP!(: At 1.2km, "Keep it up girls, only halfway more!" *dies* Ran with Kristin till the very end! Sucks that they didn't tell us our timing and I forgot my watch. ):
Kristin got 21st place whereas I got 22nd! I THINK (: GOOD JOB MY RUNNING BUDDY HAHAHAHAHA.


In April, I sat next to Wong (': It was so fun, I think I was the closest to her at this time, HAHAHA, we had so much fun during lessons (': I sort of miss those days, really. But then we got separated because Magsim was being a >:( 
I THINK I FLUNKED CHINESE ORAL OMGZ. Laoshi looked so grim, shitshitshit. I don't think I said enough. I don't think I read well enough. So stuttery. AND I got a different question from the rest omg omg omg WHY. Dead. After Oral ran down to the staff room to call Mrs Lau HAHAHAHA. She came out with food. LOL sat down at the benches outside the staff room, told her about oral and she looked like she was in complete disbelief when I told her I didn't get what Laoshi asked me.
"Uh uh my question was something about qing shao nian and them posting their pictures up on the web and their ying she"
"Huh? Ying she?"
"Yeah something like that?? I don't know :("
From then on I found out that privacy in Chinese = Ying si. HAHAHAHA.
Anyway, this month I got pretty low at some points, in May as well. But I'm so glad I had you to bring me up after getting so upset, and truly, you are the best person God blessed me with this year (': <3 MUCH LOVE. Also, I received my best cuddly friend this month HAHAHAHA.

May, WAH MAN I WAS EMO. HAHAHAHA. I think May & June = the epitome of my emotionalness. HAHAHA. Yup, I think I had a lot to deal with la and I just didn't choose the right way to deal with everything that was going on. Again, I'm so glad I had someone with me through everything, and finally, I got over it :-) WHOOO. Anyway I had so many emo tumblr pictures on my blog in May, and less of blogging of what actually happened. So yup, I was emo emo emo.
AND THEN TADA, SL INTERVIEW RESULTS CAME OUT. I really wanted to see my name on that piece of paper that was going to be put up, but I didn't know if I actually made the cut. I was just so surprised to see my name there, and I was so happy. There were to be 20+ SLs, and there were slightly over 30 names there. This means that I stood a pretty high chance in the SL-to-be department yes?
FLEWWWW out of the computer lab to check SL Interview shortlisting results WOOOOOOO got through (': Praise the Lord yayyyy! Interview this Wednesday okay okay happy happy.
I was really happy, and then I got interviewed by Ms Lau (;
ANTM results also came out! I think I went mental, we were having Math in the computer lab, and I swear, I started screaming like there was no one else in the room HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA SHUCKS. But yea, Camel, Sam & I were pretty intense over the results,
America's Next Top Model, Cycle 16 is the sixteenth cycle of America's Next Top Model and the tenth season to be aired on The CW network. It premiered on February 23, 2011.

The winner will receive a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, a contract with IMG Models, the cover of Beauty In Vogue and fashion spreads in Vogue Italia and Beauty In Vogue.

All three permanent judges from the previous cycle – Vogue editor-at-large AndrĂ© Leon Talley, photographer Nigel Barker and Tyra Banks herself – remain.

The catch phrase for this cycle is "Rainy Day Women". The international destination for this cycle is Marrakech, Morocco, making this the show's first visit to the Arab world and the second time to Africa, the first being in Cycle 4, where the show visited Cape Town, South Africa. This is also the second season not to feature a casting episode, only preceded by Cycle 2.

The winner was Brittani Kline from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania.
Omgoshhhhh, then came OBS. I THINK I NEARLY DIED IN OBS. I cried on the first day and I missed people so intensely because we were cut off from society and I was so miserable. But it got better as the days went on, so I think it was okay. I would never want to do OBS again, but I felt it was a good experience, its not everyday that you get to do things like that, so I think that I really did treasure the experience. 5 days of trekking like 10km, kayaking for 5 hours until my arms nearly fell off, eating happy food for breakfast + lunch and getting so sick of biscuits and tidbits after, cooking our own food and pitching our own tents, nearly getting stuck by lightning. BUT DUDES WE MADE IT BACK ALIVE, and it just made me treasure Singapore so much more, and I realised just how blessed I was, materialistically. :-)

ANYWAY OBS was a really great experience and I had the best time with my beloved group MAGELLAN :) Cooking maggie mee and sardines and stuff with solid fuels and bricks in the dark, pitching tents in the weirdest places (we slept in a valley, block 5, in the middle of a jungle near camp 1, and on the top of a hill that had 101 steps leading up to it, yup, all four nights!).

We kayaked for 16km for about 5+ hours straight from camp 1, all the way to this island on the other side of Pulau ubin, where we made one big turn, stopped for lunch by rough-tubbing in the middle of the ocean while catching food our instructors tossed out to us, and then proceeded to kayak back to camp 2 where we sang High School Musical songs like "I want fabulous!" or "We're all in this together once we know who we are we're all stars and we see that" and having Dilys impersonating Mrs Chong and her queer life stories HAHAHAHA laughed until I almost capsized hehe.

We walked for about 6 hours too? For about slightly less than 10km, according to Chloe, with backpacks that weighed so much you couldn't sit down and stand up to lift it up because you would simply NOT BE ABLE TO STAND UP and how we all had to hunch our backs because if we kept our backs straight, our bags were heavy to the extent that we would fall backwards. We sat under a hut and talked about random things and told stories and jokes and riddles while waiting out the rain, went to the highest point in Pulau Ubin, and walked and walked and walked but it was pretty fun we were singing songs! Went alphabetically!

SLC! A crazy CRAZY CRAZY 4 days, but an experience I would not trade for anything else. Got to work with student leaders from other schools, and had so much fun writing our action paper and chilling and playing games. Also, I found out I WAS GOING TO BE AN SL, and I couldn't have been happier (': So my first task as an official SL was to go for the conference, and really, it was both a culture shock and a super fun experience. Also, through SLC, I got really really close to Grace, and like we have been since then! So it was so fun :-)

June holidays! Its during the holidays when my mood goes downhill, and I just have so much time to think about things that should not have been thought about. Looking back, I really didn't know how blessed I was, in terms of who was there for me. If I knew what was going to happen a few months later, maybe I would have tried harder at being happy, at cherishing who and what I had. I think I went out quite a bit, but other than that, I remember having a phase, the last week of the holidays I think, when I was so tired and emo that I just stayed at home and locked myself in my room the entire day and moped around and was quite selfish, at that point.
But I emerged out of it a happier person, so June was a turning point.

And then school reopened and the thing called RYC happened. HAHAHAHAHHA. RYC was CRAZY, I was put into the log comm, and the log comm did a lot of sai gang. HAHAHA. But it was so fun. We stayed back until 6 everyday doing paper mache and painting and gluing in the art room on the fourth level, and sometimes before school we would be up there. IT WAS CRAZY PREP OK. But my log comm was amazing, y'all are dedicated lovelies. <3 I didn't post much during July, and I think this was why. Term 3 was the craziest term of the year, but it was also the term I enjoyed the most, where SLship for this year was at its peak, my studies were all good, and my relationships were at their best as well. I loved Term 3.
Anyway back to RYC, IT WAS CRAZY HAHAHAHA, we were crazy workers though. We went for games trial, all around Singapore, and that was so fun :-) The RYC teachers were the sweetest, they always made sure we were well fed, and they were a fun bunch as well, so RYC was not something I will forget. The actual RYC itself was so fun, even though I had limited time with my group, fell asleep during the talks because we were all so tired, ate so much good food HAHAHAH, sat at guilin with Nat and Liz Boey for hours as it was our station for amazing race, having the final dinner in a big table with some of the SLs + prefects, IT WAS AN AMAZING TIME, and it was the first HUGE project I've done. I'll never forget RYC. In fact, I'm wearing the RYC shirt now. :-)
CHINESE OS ORAL HAHAHAHAHAH. The examiners were laughing at me, and I put in so much effort into prepping for oral. We shall all soon find out if the effort we have put into our Chinese Os grades really paid off. (: But we got quite an alright topic, so PTL for that!

Then July ended and August began, things got CRAZIER.
AND WHEN RYC ENDED, WHEN WE THOUGHT THE MADNESS WAS ALL OVER. Wham, WHADDUP ND COMM 2011. HAHAHAHHA. We had to juggle national day + it was the few weeks leading up to CT3, so you would think we were freaking out. We were quite aghast at some of the Sec 3s' attitudes, but in the end, they made us proud. I LOVE MY ND COMM I SWEAR, I LOVE MLGI, I LOVED PLANNING NATIONAL DAY OMGOMGOMG TOO INTENSE THE LOVE . HAHAHAHAHA. This comm was my favourite comm to work with by far, and I had so much fun walking into the hall LIKEABOSS before we had our rehearsals, complaining about being hobos because we were starved + cold, using the mic like crazy with Tessa while trying to get the Sec 3s to settle cuz it was so fun, and being I/c of such a wonderful bunch was GREAT. Being I/C is really really fun, although taxing, and I'm so glad for this opportunity to work with all of them. :') GO ND COMM I LOVE YALL LONG TIME OMGGG HAHAHHAHA this fueled my love for SLship. And I was so glad when Mrs Lau told me the concert was amazing after that :') And the concert went SO smoothly, there were no hiccups, no delays, we even ended early! AAAAAAHHHH I LOVE YALL. HHAHAHAHA.
Then comes the second part of the day, staying back in school for all sorts of various reasons, and of late, for National Day. I can't say that I'm the most patriotic person, and I can't say that this task given to me, to head the planning committee, has drained me of a lot of time and energy, but yet at the same time, I love doing this, I love being busy and preoccupied, and on top of all of that, I love the people that I have spent so many afternoons with the past three weeks after school. Tessa, Bev, Berenice, Kristin, Lisa. You guys are the most amazing people to work with, from WALKING INTO THE HALL LIKABOSS, to laughing at MLGIs, to stressing over deadlines, complaining and whining about how hungry and cold we are like full-fledged hobos, running all over school and having countless meetings outside the staffroom in the morning, and just laughing a lot sometimes. You guys, I know we're going to do such a good job on Monday. And I can't ask for better people to spend my afternoons with.

And by God's grace, I studied sufficiently and did well for my CT3. I think God's favour has been upon me so much this year and I'm so blessed by Him (': REALLY, HE IS SUCH A GREAT GOD. I think August was amazing too.
I think August was a really good month for me. REALLY REALLY GOOD. And gosh, I wish I treasured it more. Really. I wish I could turn back time, relive August just one more time before finally letting it go. It was just so surreal, the way things went so amazingly.
Stayed back for Teachers Day rehearsals. The SLs met at the trellis, and we proceeded to teach the people who weren't present on Monday the dance moves at the steps of the quadrangle next to the trellis, and the adjoining grass patch, and had such a good time in general laughing at each other/ourselves. SLs, you guys really make my day all the time, I love all of you :3
MOVES LIKE JAGGER, GUYS, MOVES LIKE JAGGER. Had so much fun putting up a performance for teachers day with the SLs, you guys are such a blessing (':

Teachers Day! THANK YOU MY BELOVED TEACHERS I LOVE (most of) YOU ALL. I think MG teachers are the best, seriously, they're so great. (': They're really really dedicated and most of the time it comes to the point where they're like your friends as well as your teachers, (':
Thank you to all my teachers (who probably won't be reading this so I will tell them when I see them, hopefully HAHAHA since Teacher's day would be over by the time i did and all) for all your patience and how you taught me, because I totally wouldn't have gotten as far as I am without all (most) of you! :-) Thank you all for caring and for putting up with my nonsensically long answers that basically just go round and round and round the same point, except i phrase it differently. Yeeeeep. HAHAHA. And thank you, some of you, for being so sweet and caring. And for making lessons so so fun that I really can't fall asleep. (; Today/tomorrow is your day, so take it to rest well and enjoy yourselves, and know that all your students really appreciate what you've done for them. Happy Teachers' Day! ☺♥♡

Everything went fine and dandy, skipped through my September holidays.
And then Term 4 started and everything went d


I was so so so so upset for the next 2.5 weeks I couldn't study straight and I was yeaaaah. HAHA I think it was the lowest point of my 2011, because I had felt the pain of lost. And yaaa, hahaha i think I was moving around quite lifelessly, trying to put on a smiley face when really, I inside I was just screwed and upset and I hated the world and I wanted to simply, die. This was also due to the fact that EOYs were coming up, and I was really stressed out about that as well.
Then I stopped blogging.

But praise the Lord really. Everything worked out fine in the end, and I'm so glad that it did. (': And I did well for EOYs, even if I do say so myself, because after that period, I worked my ass off to get my studying right again, but really, it was more of God's grace shining upon me, HE IS SO GREAT. He's seen me through my entire 2011.Anyway, it was really new, doing our EOYs in the hall instead of in the classroom, but it was an experience. :-)

OCTOBER started with EOYs (refer to above paragraph) and ended with EE (':
LTC 2011, AMAZEBALLS. HELLO CARNELIANS I LOVE YALL. I had so much fun faciling, so much fun with my fellow SLs and some of the prefects, and I have learnt so much. A year ago I would not have expected myself to be the running LTC alongside my lovely SLs + prefect friends. But so many bonds were built over the team time our kids got to discuss their project, over meal times, games, free time (AHAHAHHA I remember when my group sat in the quad before mass dance, after amazing race and they told me SO MANY LAME JOKES, make me laugh so so so hard, showed me magic tricks because I was so easily amused and just having a good time altogether.) I can't wait to see how our Sec 2s turn out, these will be the people we are passing on our baton to, and I hope they have as much passion and love for the school like we have.

EE was indescribable. HAHHAHA I'm going to describe it what am I talking about. I had so much fun, and I made new friends on the trip as well. I felt so blessed, thank you daddy, for sending me to EE. Thank you God, for healing all the sick people and bringing all of us back healthy (: I really saw History come alive, concentration camps, the Berlin Wall, and learnt so much about European countries like Poland, Leipzing, Berlin, and I had a decent exposure to music as well! The trip achieved its learning goals, and I had so much fun singing along the streets of Poland, pigging out to European food until I literally got sick of it, rooming with Auntie Bev and karaoke-ing in the night HAHA, shopping SHOPPING with crazy berenice HAHAHA, and shopping with the teachers at our last stop (': It was crazy crazy crazy, but it was so worth it. ROCs 3 EE 2011 <3

And so, December, we've reached the end of 2011. We have a day left. Make it count (:
I'm going to post my people post HAHAH the people dedication post soon <3
Goodnight all