Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas and the day before


As I type this, it is 12:44AM, 26 December HAHAHA. O well.

24 December,
I don't remember doing much except going to church! Hahaha oh yes, before that, I went to the hospital! (#1: Do people in the hospital know its Christmas? Okay, that's a dumb question, 90% of them probably do. In the past week, I've been to the wards for the elderly, say, 3 or 4 times, an hour or two each time? I wonder if they celebrate Christmas there. I wonder if they're happy. I wonder if they know that God loves them. Or if they're just, I don't know, there. Existing. Sigh. O well, pray!)

ANYWAY, church service :-)

This is Linx's cow hand puppet. Which he gave away, but. HAHA. (This is my only photo of the day. MEHHHH, took another polaroid w Jess too though! ^_^ Essep Jess goes, "I'M NEVER TRUSTING A GUY TO TAKE A PHOTO EVER AGAIN!" Lmao!) It meows, because Linx intended it to meow. HAHAHA. Linx spent the whole time before service started prodding us (Hannah & I) with his cow and tiger hand puppets. HAHAHA. It was quite funny laaaa. He can meow very well, I must say. ANYWAY (-:  Service was gooooooood. As usual, (: Today was evangelistic, God moves mightily! :-) 
After service, burst into the worship hall w Ryanny with Leen's cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNNN. :-) 

25 December (it is not exactly today, because its past midnight) 
I regret not going to church in the morning :-( 
Thought #2, this holiday, I have spent a lot a lot more time with my church friends than my school friends. Usually, for me at least, its the other way around. But like, the past two months, apart from seeing them every Saturday, we have like random outings and stuff. Hahaha, whereas I have yet to meet up with my school friends (not counting the times we went back to do homework LMAO). Idk, my church friends are really really great company. And they're so so so sweet, forever making me laugh & always caring, people you can count on to pray for you and lead you back to God. :-) I love y'all, really. (L). I've grown closer to so many people over the span of this year, in church. Aaaah, you guys are the best (: 

Didn't have a great Christmas. Whatever. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, how God so freely gave us love that we don't deserve, yup, so it doesn't really matter how my day went because really, God has already blessed me with so much, and this is His day (; Also, I had matcha ice cream, swam it off, and bought Green Eggs & Ham at 3 BUXXXX (I tried rhyming on twitter. Grace, Liz & Jess joined in LOL) 

Matcha + Green eggs & ham. Realise that everything is green? ;) 

Had an extended (thank goodness my Christmas is saved) fam dinner :-) I love my ahmaaaa (both ahmas YAYZERS). My aunt is always interested in what goes on during Youth, and I watched How To Train Your Dragon + Tangled wheeeeeee. Watched tons of movies recently, lmao! Potatoes gonna potate (I LOL EVERYTIME I SEE THIS) 
wheeeee ok. 

Some partay with parents' friends tomorrow (all their kids are so youuung. Like primary school. I'm gg to be Sec 4 next year *old old* EH I DON'T WANT 4I CAN I WANT 2I HAHA) 
& CG CHRISTMAS PARTY AT RYAN'S ON THE 27 (TUESDAY) HAMANA, Christmas dinner! ANY FOOD AT RYAN'S IS ALWAYS SUPER GOOD HAHAHA, go Ryanny! :-) HEHEH, I can't wait I lobe my CG big tyyyme. 
kk I'm starting to type all weird. Its 1:30! :-) Way to screw up your sleep cycle by pushing back your bed time a week before school starts HAHAHAHA.