Thursday, December 15, 2011

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot 
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! 
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd.

Okay hai!

So today I went out with the primary school dears, hehe, had quite a lot of fun, haven't seen them in ages ages. So yup, left the house at 10.20 even though it was said that we would meet at 10, Saj was fashionably late as usual. Met Yooj at Macs, hahaha, talked about our lit books and caught up a bit :-) She was wearing some queer hat + a pair of huge queer big specs (HAHA they were cute la but quite queer. I am wearing them in the photo below HEHEHEHE). Not bad!! But well we were waiting for the arrival of Saj hehe

When Saj got here, we took the train down to Commonwealth, and from Commonwealth, we ran for bus 111 and took it all the way down to town. On the bus ride, I asked them about SOTA, hahaha, you know, they're both SOTA artsy fartsies, HAHAHA I learnt that Yooj's bff in SOTA is a drag queen, and the rest are mere acquaintances, I need to find the guuurl some fraaaans HAHA JK JK but it was a good time catching up with them, they're hilarious really :-) Okay so we dropped off outside SAM (Singapore Art Museum), and I thought we were going there, but the artsy fartsies told me that SAM was for much more modern art, so we crossed the road and headed for the Singapore National Museum hehehe or something. 

It looked pretty from across the road, that I must say!

Okay yup it was a pretty museum, albeit really really cold. So yup as you can see from the above picture, we went to the Dreams & Reality Exhibition & History & Living Galleries. It was quite cool because we got it at student price - free. Hehehe. Yooj is such an auntie, btw. 
We walked through it quite quickly at first! My two artsy fartsies were my very own audio guide hehehe (they charge for audio guide! HAHA I think audio guides are really cool, esp after all those audio guides in EE!) Since one takes visual arts and thus incooperated some of her theory lessons into describing the paintings, whereas the other just likes to talk about paintings. The history bit was cool la, I must say HAHAH, Yooj was going all SBQ style on paintings of industrialisation times, they look like stuff that would come out of my History book :-) COOL. Okay so at the end, the paintings got cooler and prettier, :-) They became landscapes at the end, Starry Starry Night was my favourite (their favourite as well!) The other landscape paintings were really good too, hehe :-) I took more photos but they're all on my iphone! I'm loving my iPhone 4, I swear its like a great camera too. 

Thus concludes my attempt at being artsy & appreciating artworks! :-) Took a bus down to 313 to have us some lunch! :-) YUMZ I had kimchi ramen I MUST EMPHASISE MY LOVE OF KIMCHI I think its the best thing evaaaarrr (okay just saaaying cuz I like all kinds of food and I think all food is the best thing ever) So yup! :-) The other two were boring HAHAHA. No la, Saj just joined the shortest queue and Yooj bought Hokkien Mee (hehee I koped a bit from her). I think being in MG has trained my patience in waiting in line! :-) The canteen is crowded half the time! HAHA but yay! 
Went to HMV to check out the stuff! A lot of the DVDs & albums were on sale because of Christmas (o don't you just love christmas). Yup so we idled there for quite a bit, I have to try music from some artists! I think they include The xx, Damien Rice, Birdy & probably Florence + the Machine. I will some time :-) Saj bought her movie - Liar Liar, her latest celeb obsession is Jim Carrey! Anyway, I didn't leave empty handed, I left with a cool button KEEP CALM & CARRY ON omg I love and also a present for Lizzybizzy :-) HEHE christmas present o i'm such a cheapskate but I haven't bought many people christmas presents! 

Ya she loves The Wanted HAHAHA. 

Yooj mentioned that whenever she hears Adele, she'll think of Rolling in the Deep. When I think of Rolling in the deep, I will think of the line "Roll your soul through every open door" HAHA I have no idea why. The visual's quite hilarious. 
Took 106 back to Bukit Batok Interchange :-) Had a talk about religion. Yooj pointed out that we were sitting 'in order' HAHA okay its quite ... but ya we were sitting at the back of the bus, Saj | Yooj | me, so she was referring to the fact that Saj is an atheist, she's agnostic and I'm christian. But it was refreshing, gonna pray! HAHAHA I think I really should try to invite them down one day, Saj said something about proof, that she would not want to have blind faith, so yup. Be praying about that :-) Its quite interesting lor HAHAHA. 

Bought Gongcha! Oolong milk tea + coconut jelly its v good okay HAHAH. Yup yup! Saj bought oolong milk tea + pudding jelly and Yooj, with her uncanny obsession over tea, bought Melon tea. Visited Shop & Save and got some eggnog (Yooj also bought some tea, what with her above mentioned obsession) Waited for the shuttle bus to Saj's house outside Frolick, hehehe, they're dang funny, so on the shuttle bus we played Truth & truth. Then that sort of failed, so we played Shoot Shag Marry HAHAHAHAH the results were sort of hilarious. Visited a bench swing thing at the top of Saj's hill (The hill her condo was on la HAHAHA) and continued with our game. It was a fuse of celebs, primary school friends & primary school teachers. LAWL. 

FUN TIMES being on the swing like kids :-) Walked down the hill to Saj's house because it was raining! OKAY SO AT HER HOUSE we watched the movie (of course, after much bustling from both of them, trying to get their eggnogs ready. We had ice cream + cereal in our eggnogs HEHE) SO THE MOVIE STARTED 

Some screen caps from tumblr,

(to this, Joel replied: "Okay" AWWWW SHITDANG SWEET)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 
Simply put it, I really did love the movie. Despite Saj spoiling it a little HAHA but not a lot, the crazy girl's already watched it 6 times. I still loved it, nonetheless. Okay I shall begin talking about it now, so if you plan to watch this and you don't want a spoiler, don't read ahead! HAHA. 

I was trying v hard not to cry SHIT HAHAHA I cry in ANY movie you give to me HAHAHA. As Steffi would say, we're very generous with our tears. But this movie was amazing. Okay so its about Joel and Clementine. Clementine went to this odd clinic and asks for her memory of Joel to be erased. And Joel, after learning about this, goes and does the same thing, I MEAN OBVIOUSLY WHAT DAMN HURT LOR. And so the entire movie is BACKWARDS in the sense that the entire movie is Joel's memories of Clem, and it starts with his most recent memories with her, all the way back till he first meets her, so backwards in terms of chronology. And so through the process, Joel is on his bed, he can't move physically, and all these things start going on in his head. He realises that he doesn't want his memories of Clem to be erased, and he tries so hard to fight the process, to wake up and stop the entire procedure. Of course, it doesn't work. But the entire movie was so sweet, it was jumping from memory to memory. So it gets slowly erased, and he tries to stop it from being erased by dragging clem and running and running but it doesn't work :( So at the end, when they finally reach the last memory, when he first meets Clem WAH I ALMOST CRIED OK it was so so so sad. Because in every memory, he's the one dragging clem away and Clem is providing all these ideas on how he can defeat the procedure, but as the movie progresses, Clem's getting tired of running away and eventually stops. Saj says this is the part of Joel (since its all in his head) that wants to go on with the procedure, the part of him that doesn't want to fight it. Okay so towards the end of the movie, Kirsten Dunst (AAAAAH SHE DANG PRETTY. Saj said her hair looked like yellow grass, it was supposed to be a compliment, even though I'm not sure how but HAHAHAH she's so pretty omg I can't take it) finds out that she was in love with the doctor then they decide to perform the procedure on her because the doctor has a family and all, so she releases all their tapes. In their personal tapes was a recording of the reason why they wanted to erase the person that they erased. It was so sad cuz Clem and Joel listened to each others'. But ya they got back together in the end, with not a lot of recollection of what had went on between them previously. :-) Good ending. 

So after the movie I left the two boobs, and walked. On the way home I was thinking about the movie (Of course). My heart melted a few million times during the course of the movie. The movie revolved around the concept of having all the memories of someone in your life completely erased. I think that's not a very smart thing to do. In fact, I bet a lot of people would share the same feelings Joel had when he was in the midst of the procedure, that they don't want to have their memories erased, it was more of a spur of a moment thing. Impulse. What if such things existed? I don't think I could bear having all my memories of someone erased, it'd probably kill me. I don't know how Joel did it when he realised there was no fighting the procedure. I think the main thing that I took away from this movie is that you shouldn't take the people you love for granted. You shouldn't try to push them away because of one thing that went wrong, its just not very ethical. If Joel and Clem had worked it out, would Clem have went for the procedure? Would Joel have gone because Clem went? I don't think so. Thing is that everyone you love matters, and that really, you don't know what (or in this case, who) you have until you lose them/it. But yeah it moved me soooo much :') 

But oh gosh it was such an AMAZING MOVIE, I would watch it again and again and again. I CANNOT FIND WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT. Okay wow I have blogged paragraphs about the movie, OKAY BUT I LOVE IT. 

Okay so I had a really really good day :-) No plans for tomorrow, so I hope to get some work done and finish my Christmas cards and my birthday present WHEEE. Also, whatsapp date with Jess yaaaay HAHA. 

Excuse me while I go turn on the TV to watch X Factor now O NICOLE SCHERZINGER HERE I COME. AHAHAHAHHA I sound like perv but omg she's so hot why is she so hot OKAY.

Much loooove.