Thursday, December 29, 2011



I spent today with Liz :-) We had lunch at Subway @ BTP :-)! We took the cornerest corner seat so that they wouldn't spot us studying HAHAHA. I love Subway because it tastes so goooood and you know there are not a lot of fats in it :-) HEHE. Caught up over lunch, omzynomzy! :-) Hehehe, it was a good time! Liz drank too much coke and had to pee. Twice. I didn't pee at all. I can hold my pee very well because I'm usually too lazy to go to the toilet to pee. Those previous sentences were very awkward. HAHA.

And then we proceeded to studying. I tried doing some Bio, did a little of cells. I read through, and I got those omg-i-totally-know-this-but-when-I-close-my-file-and-try-to-apply-I-cannot-remember moments :-((((( Talked a lot about random stuff so we did more talking than actual studying HAHAHA BUT WHATEVER, at least I read something! I'm so easily distracted its not even funny :-( Did a little Chem, ABS! Recapped stuff and floated around to Metals, tralala. Talked some more, hehehe.

Spontaneously decided to drop by Liz's to bake pink cookies :-) So whilst she was draw the cross section of skin (OR SOMETHING IDK HAHA), I skipped (not literally) on along to Fairprice Finest to get red + green food colouring & icing sugar (which we later went absolutely crazy with). Came back, gathered our things and we left! Walked back to Liz's, but we detoured because we wanted to walk past Zorbing (our original plan), also, I wanted to show Liz the cool traffic light outside MG. HAHAHAH the flashing green man with the underwear ONLY IN MG K HAHAHA. :-) Walked and walked and walked, we could see the new hip canteen floor from where we were walking ;-)

Finally got to Liz's and we began baking! :-) It was quite fun because we molded heart shapes and stuff out of our cookies :-) Fun! Talked a bit to Liz's family whilst we were baking HAHAHA it was quite fun! And then we went crazy with the icing. Towards the end we were literally just talking and splashing icing all over the cookies HAHAH IT WAS CRAZY checkit.

Liz COVERED a cookie with green icing, and topped it off with some yellow icing out of a tube (she says its a banana. It totally isn't lor.) specially for Mrs Lau HAHAHAHA. Talked and talked until she finally had to get ready for dinner, so I walked to KAP to wait for my dad to pick me up :-) 

Tonight was a good night after taking a turn for the worse, I've missed you loads and loads, thanks for making my night :-) <3 (I know you stalk me therefore you will read this HAHAHAHAHA love youuuu & I know you can do it!) :') :') :') Also, I repainted my nails. I made them look like the sky (Hopefully they look like the sky to all of you HAHAHA, gosh I am so proud of myself even though I'll only keep these nails for 4 more days before I have to take them off, meh) 

We're approaching the last two days of 2011, make them count.
Also I really have to start on my 2011 post. Its going to be a long one, brace yourselves :-) Tomorrow I have plans to like study, seriously, and then I'm accompanying my brother to SJI (again) so he can attend talks to inform him of SJI... Stuff. HAHAHA.