Thursday, December 22, 2011

registration and meatballs

Hello :-)

This morning I was brutally dragged out of bed (exaggeration) at 7AM in the morning because I was to accompany brother dearest to his new secondary school! Yup, so we got to Fairfield a little late, ;-) Because of the terribly heavy traffic plaguing the expressways at 8AM in the morning. O well. Okay, so we bustled around school a bit, brudder, fudder and I. We were led to the hall where my brother was given several forms to fill up, basic information and stuff. They gave them a stack of letters and information sheets to look at, and I looked through all of them. My brother was complaining that they didn't have a lot of CCAs. TRY MG BRAWWW we don't have a lot of CCAs as well!!!!!

Anyway we were waiting around a lot, and there were quite a number of FMPS kiddies (they aren't exactly kids anymore, are they, but still they are younger than me hee hee) running around in their yellow + blue uniforms. It doesn't look half bad, their uniforms :-) Walked around the school after getting my brother registered and everything, it seems like they are renovating their canteen as well! Their school is so big so I was whining a bit to my brother about how MG's school compound is quite small :-( And yaaaa sitting in the hall and thinking about my own Sec 1 Registration day. Okay, at first I was a little upset that I got into MG because I spent my entire P6 yearning to go to NJC, so when I found out I was going to MG (I also heard pretty bad stereotypes about girls schools) I was a bit sore. When I went for Registration, it was literally a sea of white and blue and I felt so :(((( because those are the MGP girls who already had friends and everything :( But now looking back, a lot of those stereotypes aren't the least bit true, I have come to absolutely love my school, and some of those MGPS girls turned out to be the some of the most amazing friends I've ever made, and the line that was formerly drawn between MGP and non-MGP girls was blurred :-) Also, there were teachers walking around everywhere in the school, they seemed nice, but it also made me really thankful for the teachers we have at MG because they're wonderful (': And even though our school compound is quite small, it is my second home (literally. When we were bombarded with SL projects we stayed from 6-6 THATS LIKE HALF THE DAY LMAO) and the sense of familiarity and homeliness it give me is overwhelming :") And I never never never expected, the day I first step foot in MG, that I would be an SL now, giving back to and serving the school and having SO MUCH FUN doing it. (In fact I get quite irritated with my parents when they tell me my hard work's not paid off because SLs don't get leadership points DOES IT REALLY MATTER? NO :D) Simply put, I was filled with a lot of school pride A LOT OF MG PRIDE. And at the same time I was a little upset - okay more than a little upset, quite upset - because I would be leaving MG in less than a year )':

I LOVE MG WITH ALL MY HEART (apart from the intensely strict and sometimes completely illogical school rules - such as the newly implemented one that requires all of us to wear 100% white school shoes, NO CONVERSES/NORTH STARS. GRRR)

Okay, enough of my bantering about how amazeballs my school is HAHAHAHA, we went to IKEA for lunch. O my love for IKEA food. Drool. Amazing pasta, amazing meatballs, amazingly oily yet amazing nonetheless chicken wings.

Came home and gymmed and here I am now! :-) Today I ran 3.5 + 1 km :-) I AM HAPZ W MYSELF HEHEHE. Walked around quite a bit today, to and fro various MRT stations as my father sent his car to servicing. Speaking of his car, we are going to Queenstown (again) to pick it up from the car place soon and then we are going to Raffles City to have dinner :3 


I am quite happy with my progress - I have gone an entire week without moping around and being upset and crying over nothing like I usually do. I have spent an entire week with my emotions ranging from ok to happy. I have spent an entire week without being emo and contemplating gory things. I love my amazing God for the strength :-) 

Love love!