Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hello hello!

Before I start posting, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING PERSON I'VE EVER KNOWN. God bless, and loads of love always.

I'm here with photos from yesterday and today! :-) Hehe.
From yesterday (20 December)

Yesterday, I woke up and watched some TV, while my hapz brother went out to his friend's house. Slacked a lot at home yesterday, I feel very bad for wasting so much time all the time hehe, I just simply cannot get myself to pick up a textbook and study. My brain automatically switches off during the holidays BUT I'LL GET TO STUDYING NEXT WEEK, PROMISE PROMISE SRSLY I NEED. Okay anyway, went to the gym, ran about 3+km, walked 1+. :-) HAPPZZZ then went home, bathed, walked to WM to buy stamps + envelopes + gong cha! :3 Came home, finished writing my entire stack of Christmas cards and happy pappy watched TV for the rest of the day. Okay not really, got online at about 9+! 
Also, talked to Leeny I've missedddd herrrrrr. :'3 Hehe. Stayed up till 12+ to send a 12AM birthday text! AND THEN talked to Sal via twitter so I ended up sleeping at 1. :((((( HAHAHAHA. I was quite tired yesterday k! HAHA. 

Today! (21 December) 

So today! I woke up to my dad spamming my inbox with like 3 of the same texts (for emphasis ah LMAO) that my brother got posted to..... FAIRFIELD! YAYYYY #methodistschoolpride. I'm quite happy on his behalf, seriously, because he seems quite stone about this. ANYWAYYYY texted Miss Loh and she was quite happy because she was from Fairfield LMAO. Okay. 

Met up with Lisa for lunch, Tessa dearest couldn't make it :( We finally had Fatty Weng though, it was really good and I liked it! HEHE I took a photo of it, although I'm not as obssessed as Lisa, who loudly proclaimed in the middle of lunch "THIS IS THE BEST FOOD EVER"  HAHAH but it was a good lunch! I would eat it agaaaain, this time with Tessa HAHA. Walked from the market place near St Lukes where the coffee shop was to West Mall! HAD A HILARIOUS WALK THERE LOLOL hahaha, Lisa's really good company because she's so funny! Through our entire time together, we talked about SLship + (I whined about) Sec 4 + random things :-) I'm quite proud of myself for not eating carbs today (no rice, no noodles, no bread!). 

Got to West Mall, went up to the post office, Lisa bought stamps so she could send a letter to her host family in Taiwan, while I posted all eleven of my Christmas letters (this is because Nicole only texted me her address AFTER I posted everything + her envelope & card was at home!). Went down to Sweetalk so I could get peach red tea (I am proud of myself for eating less than half of the pearls + not ordering milk tea because IDW GROW FAT). 
headed to the library and borrowed some books (Mrs Lau would be very proud of me for visiting the library + actually borrowing books and not complaining that they are old and yellowing and smell funny HAHAHA). I got one of the books from the PLL series because I loooooove PLL (HAHAHA this comes as no surprise to whoever follows me, even though I haven't been in the I-WANNA-WATCH-PLL-SO-BAD mood recently) and Love, Stargirl! :-) Said good bye to Lisa after that, and walked home! (I am seriously walking everywhere today I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF I must have walked 3km MINUS gymming today) 

Read by the poolside, and regretted not bringing my swimming gear because the weather today was FANTASTIC, it didn't rain at all and it was just nice and cloudy and cool. Went on the swings for a bit at my condo playground, it really brought me back to when I was P5 and I spent literally EVERYDAY after school with Valen drinking Oreo Crush + playing at The Swing (we had coined a name for the playground we always went to despite the lack of originality I MEAN HELLO, THE SWING?! ROFLMAO!). I think I swing very well because Valen spent the entire P5 teaching me how to :-) I sort of miss her :-( Valen, I mean. Hehehe. We used to be soooooo close in SAPS, like since P3 SHE WAS MAH BEST FWAAAAN :3 :3 :3 HAHAHAH. OKAY ANYWAY, then I went to read by the poolside, I started with Love, Stargirl, and I love it (-: so far! Headed to the gym, I actually ran 3.2km without breaking at all today, I can feel my stamina getting better! I stopped at 3.2km not because I wanted to die alr, but because my legs were dying but I wasn't running out of breath/close to having a respiratory attack HAHHA. YAY FIT. Ran another 1km, walked 1km, YAY. 
And then I came back to my ahma's and here I am now :-) I am so desperate to lose weight + get fit :((((( HAHAHAHA. 

OKAY! Going to Fairfield with my brawww tomorrow :-)